Whoever thought of combining breakfast and lunch together, we are forever indebted to them for giving us one of the best things since sliced bread- BRUNCH! Whether it’s an excuse to socialise with your mates, go on a daytime date or you just wanna down loads of mimosas here is a list of the best places to go for brunch in Manchester once tier 3 restrictions are lifted.

1. Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee Brunch Manchester
Source: Moose Coffee

With cuisine that comes from across the Atlantic, Moose Coffee is a Canadian restaurant that is a lovely place for brunch. Moose Coffee has great food and generous portions that definitely make it worth the money. Also, this cosy little restaurant is wildly popular with students and is generally a hive of people that appreciate good food and good coffee.

2. Navarro Lounge

Nevarro Lounge Brunch Manchester
Source: CGA

Navarro Lounge is located on the University of Manchester Campus, University Green. The inside has some cool, retro dècor but the food is even better. The menu has a wide range to suit everyone, with really good, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. As well as your conventional breakfast options, there are some tapas dishes, burgers and burritos! And you can wash it all down with you can get 2 cocktails for just £9.50!

3. Takk

Takk Brunch Manchester
Source: I Love Manchester

Takk is an independent coffee company that has 3 outlets in Manchester. One of them is also based on the University Green and is very study friendly. Most seats have power outlets nearby so you can crack on with that essay and nibble away at a fresh sausage and egg muffin. Definitely beats working in your bedroom with a pot noodle at your side.

4. The 8th Day

8th Day Brunch Manchester
Source: 8th Day

The 8th Day café is a saviour for all the vegetarian and vegan folks in Manchester, located opposite All Saints Park. This establishment has a shop, and a café downstairs and everything is plant-based and vegetarian/vegan friendly. The menu changes day to day and everything is fresh and handmade by the lovely cooks. Whilst the vast majority of the menu is super healthy, be sure to check out their yummy sweet treats, who knew vegan cake could taste so good?

5. Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay Brunch Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

The search for an ital brunch stops here, my friend. Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant that is famous for its west Indian cuisine and its very boozy cocktails, but they also do a darn good bottomless brunch. So you can have your fill and wash it down with unlimited cocktails/mocktails.

6. Koffee Pot

The Koffee Pot Manchester
Source: Trip Advisor

The Koffee Pot prides itself on curing hangovers since 1978 and with the stellar fry ups they have on offer I can see how. The Koffee Pot is more of a low-key brunch affair which makes it the perfect place to unwind, and prices are very student-friendly. So if you are searching for a hangover cure or you just want a nice breakfast, the Koffee Pot is definitely one for you.

7. Trof Northern Quarter

Trof Northern Quarter Brunch Manchester
Source: TrofNQ

Trof, as the name suggests, is situated in the Northern Quarter and is a quirky little restaurant and bar that also serves brunch. You’ve got the British classics such as the Full English, but if you want something a little more niche, like chorizo hash, they have something for everyone. If you need your caffeine fix, they’ve got you covered as all coffees are handmade and fresh.

8. Ezra & Gil

Ezra and Gil Brunch Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

Ezra and Gil is also located in the Northern Quarter and has the 3 magic words on their menu: all day brunch! This is the place to go if you’re feeling a lil’ fancy. I mean smoked salmon on sourdough? Yes Please! And don’t worry veggie friends, there is a pretty good vegetarian range on offer.

9. Federal Café

Federal Cafe Brunch Manchester
Source: Manchester Evening News

There are 2 Federal Cafés in Manchester, one in the Northern Quarter and one in Deansgate. This place has the hustle and bustle of your typical café and has the perfect balance of sweet and savoury brunch options on offer. And what would brunch be without a cheeky cocktail? You can get 2 for £10 at the Federal!

10. Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction Brunch Manchester
Source: Taste of Manchester

Last but certainly not least on this list is the Sugar Junction. Their brunch menu has a very classic feel with the Full English being the star of the show. But there is much more on offer! The avocado and chilli jam on toast sounds heavenly. And if you want something a little lighter, they have lovely afternoon teas on offer.

There you have it; 10 places in Manchester to have brunch. Once again the operation of these establishments may differ due to tier 3 restrictions, but we all need a little something to look forward to once dining outlets are open again, and now you know the best places to go for a cute daytime outing.