Manchester is a fantastic metropolitan city with plenty going on at every turn. Although this Northern city doesn’t have any coastal ares, don’t stress because are some cracking beaches nearby. So, if you want to get out into nature and go for a swim then here are some of the best beaches near Manchester.

1. North Shore 

blackpool beach near manchester
Source: Cool Places

How far away from Manchester is it? 50.1 miles 

Blackpool Beach is iconic, and for a good reason. From start to finish there are seven miles of glorious sandy beach that have been popular since the 1800s. If you pop along to Blackpool you can enjoy their rampant drag scene, the three piers, and pleasure beach.

2. Thurstaston 

thurstaton beach near manchester
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How far away from Manchester is it? 52.6 miles

The Wirral is home to one of the grassiest beaches in the country. Simply meander through Wirral Country Park and find yourself at Thurstaton Beach. There are sandy cliffs that descend into a sandy shingle beach. The beach is a wildlife haven, so you can expect to see lots of fun animals and birds.

3. Crosby 

crosby beach near manchester
Source: Visit Southport

How far away from Manchester is it? 42.3 miles

Crosby Beach is the beginning of the 22-mile Sefton Coastal Path. It is close to the Port of Liverpool and from the sand, you can see the off-shore windfarm and some of the best sunset views in the country. The beach also has a famous art installation from an internationally acclaimed artist, Antony Gormley.

4. Formby Point 

formby point beach near manchester
Source: Visit Southport

How far away from Manchester is it? 47.2 miles

Formby is a large beach with extensive sand dunes and a very rural feel. There is a lot of space for sunbathing and picnics, and it is a popular space for swimmers and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Ainsdale Beach 

ainsdale beach near Manchester
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How far away from Manchester is it? 48.1 miles

Ainsdale is supposedly one of the best beaches in the country for kite activities, but aside from that, it is a relatively enjoyable seafront regardless. The village nearby has plenty to do, and you can spend hours just sitting watching the sea and the kites. It’s a pleasant place to spend an afternoon by the sea and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

6. Morecambe Beach 

Morecambe Beach near manchester
Source: UK Beach Guide

How far away from Manchester is it? 59.5 miles

Morecambe is a very quiet town with not a whole lot going for it aside from the mainly sandy, scenic beach. The beach has impressive and pretty tides as well as a large expanse of sand and mudflats. Within the village, there are arcades, small shops, and ice cream parlours to enjoy when you’re done hanging out on the beach itself.

7. New Brighton Beach 

new brighton beach near manchester

How far away from Manchester is it? 42.3 miles

New Brighton Beach is in the northeast corner of the Wirral and offers incredible views of the Liverpool city skyline. On the beach, there is a community-built driftwood boat called the Black Pearl, and the seaside resort around the beach also offers incredible attractions to keep you busy should the weather turn at any point.

So, now you know all of the best beaches near Manchester to explore. For more things to do in the city itself, check out our picks of the best hidden and secret bars in Manchester.