Choosing a university at the best of times can be stressful, especially as there is so many cities to choose from and a lot to take into consideration. Which uni has the best library facilities, will the course be right for you? Well, lets be honest the most important thing to consider is the nightlife and how close your uni is to it..

University open days may help you to answer the questions you have brewing up but it also gives them a chance to prepare and show you the best version of themselves. For a more realistic view, QS have realised a league table showing the best student cities in 2019. This report analysis the top 500 cities in the world and creates a lost of the top 100 best cities for students.

The assessment is based on six factors: university rankings, desirability including the safety of the area, percentage of international students, employment of graduate students, affordability and student satisfaction.

After taking all these factors into consideration, these are the top 10 cities in the UK that rank among the 100 best cities in the world to be a student.

10. Brighton


Brighton is known for its laid back attitude during the day and its outrageous buzzing nightlife by night. You’ll recognise you’ve stepped foot into Brighton by its pebbly beach and hip residence. As the unofficial LGBTO+ capital of the UK, the nightlife is very much inclusive and wild.

Talking about inclusion Brighton is ranked number 19 in the world for the city with the most mix of international and home students. This means you’ll definitely meet a variety of people and hopefully find friends for life that you can jet back to their home towns (cheap vacas). A slight downside is the city is voted 110th for its affordability so you may be eating beans on toast for a while. However you would be studying at the 92nd best student city in the world.

We love…

The vibrant city is full of surprises everywhere you turn. The city is made for students with the trendiest part being Kemp Town (in our opinion). For going ‘out out’ make sure to check out Club Revenge which is known for its legendary student nights. Also try Buddies which offers 20% student discount! If you want to be in the know about Brighton’s hidden bars then check out the 6 hidden bars in Brighton.

9. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne


You may know Newcastle for its well known reality show Geordie Shore, but Newcastle is also the 56th best city in the world to go to university and made it onto the top 10 list in the UK. The Cities main universities are Newcastle University and Northumbria University, with Durham university close by.

Newcastle is ranked 17th in the world for diverse students making it a great place for international students. There is a lot to do in Newcastle, including discovering its best hidden bars. Students love the friendly atmosphere and great nights out where you’ll almost always bump into someone you know.

We love….

The very instagrammable pizza punks which is known for its customisable pizzas at only £10. In the evening we recommend the Tap Room for pres and Digital after (especially on a Monday student night).

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