If you are about to embark on the next chapter of your life and that university is Nottingham Trent, then you need to make sure you make the most out of your new university life. A part of that is expanding your horizons and joining a society for a keen interest you may have where you can meet other people that have a similar like to you.

Nottingham Trent has over 130 societies ranging from fashion to politics. Here are some of the best for you to attend – whether you are a new or current student – for all different types of interest.

Academic & Vocational

Lex Law Society

For all those budding students, out there aspiring to be a lawyer in the future to fight for those in justice, then this society is perfect for you! This society allows you to network, negotiate and moot – as well as offering you advice for your future legal experiences.

For those interested in law, but not necessarily studying it as a degree, you are still welcome to join as the society holds many social events whether you want a night out on the town to party or a quiet night to play pool with some of the other members.

Psychology Society

Just like the law society, the Psychology society is perfect for any students studying the degree as it will enhance your prior knowledge you are learning by gaining more knowledge from other people.

Within this society, you can expect to become involved in regular debates based on academic research. As well as this, you will enjoy regular outings that not only involve drinking, but group activities that set out to de-stress students.

Common Interest

Cocktail society

After the annual society fair is held during fresher’s week, the Cocktail society is the one that comes out as most popular with the most sign ups. This is for students who are interested in the art of mixology. Whether you are a beginner or expert, all levels of “mixers” are welcome to the Trent Cocktail society.

Sessions run every alternate Thursday during term time at the NTU City Campus, as well as the infamous Ocean Wednesdays. Not only will you become an expert on making cocktails, but all members receive a cocktail card – entitling you to deals at cocktail bars across Nottingham.

Gamer Society

The Gamer Society – nominated for “Society of the Year” 2020 – is one of Trent’s biggest and most popular societies. As a part of this society, not only do you play games, but you discuss and debate your favourites best games of all time. Regular meetings are held with projector screens and consoles for all members to play whatever game is picked.

Not only that, but there are other social events including nights out as well as NTU vs Uni of Nottingham gaming events.

Culture & Faith

African Caribbean Society

The African Caribbean society is one of the most popular societies for people wanting to meet others with the same faith or culture they hold. This society is well-recognised within the Nottingham Trent Student Union as it was nominated for “Society event of the year” for their BHM Showcase – in the Student Union awards 2020.

Within the society, a range of social events are held throughout the year for members to enjoy. As a society, they believe in “greatness, empowerment and the ability for everyone to succeed and excel.”

First Love Society

The First Love Society is a group where all students are welcome. This group sets out to “build and cultivate leadership for young people” through the love of their faith. It is a place for students that may not necessarily be Christians, but you can go and learn more about the religion.

Through the year, the society holds events not only to teach others about their faith but also events of worship and allows students the opportunity to travel outside campus to Christianity events. They provide a stress-free environment for all students.

Media & Creative

Platform Magazine

For all you budding journalists out there – or if you just like writing – then Platform Magazine is the society you need to join! Speaking from personal experience, Platform is the perfect platform (no pun intended) for aspiring journalists to get their content out there, not only on their website but in a printed edition.

Only this year, Platform won “Society of the Year” in the Nottingham Trent Student Union Awards. Not only this, but Platform is award winning for its content and gives you the low-down on all things Trent!

Craft Society

It’s pretty simple what the Craft society at Trent does, and that is crafts! (Believe it or not). This society is one of the most popular at Trent as it was not only nominated for one but two awards at this year’s Student Union awards – for “Society of the Year” and “Society Event of the Year”.

Throughout the year, the society holds a range of events including regular workshops and drink and draw events at some of Nottingham’s local pubs. Once you join, you receive a membership card that gives you access to all the workshops and events planned by the society.

Political campaign & Causes

Feminist Society

Trent’s Feminist Society is passionate about the equality of all genders and sexes. To the group, everyone is equal, and they set to create a safe space for everyone – from every walk of life. The society follows an intersectional model. As a society, they follow this as they believe “everyone should be equal regardless of race, gender, sexuality, class, and ability.”

They hold weekly social events – inclusive to everyone – where everyone can discuss interesting and friendly conversations. As well as this, they hold feminist film nights and occasional discussion panels throughout their social calendar.

Conservation Society

After running for 13 years – as well as winning “Society of the Year” in 2016, 2017 and 2018 – the Conservation society is one of the most popular and one of the longest running societies to join at Trent. All students – from a range of courses – are welcome to join as a shared interest in Conservation.

As a member, you take part in a range of conservation-based activities, which can also set out to improve your ID skills, your practical skills, gain further knowledge and get a first-hand experience through the equipment provided. Members can also become involved in other events throughout the year including volunteering with organisations such as the Crayfish project.

So, there you have it. You now have the lowdown on some of the different societies Nottingham Trent has on offer. And the best thing is, there are a lot more on offer when you get there so check it out!