Uni is just as much about drinking and debachery than degrees.

And as long as you’re scraping through your classes with passes, you might as well head out for some A+ nights. We already know Nottingham students party hard (albeit Nottingham uni goes a bit harder than Trent) and no matter what night of the week you fancy it, there are plenty of raucous nights ready-made for your attendance…


Where: Dirty Mondays at Pom Pom


Cost of entry: Usually a £1 entry guest list if you purchase tickets in advance.
Drink specials:A selection of £2 drinks all night long.
Party vibe: Mondays at Pom Pom spreads across two rooms, so if you’re not feeling the song in one, just head to the other. Expect a mix of mostly Dance, RnB and for the confetti canon to go off almost every time there’s a big drop.


Where: Tape Tuesdays at Pryzm


Cost of entry: Usually around £5.
Drink specials: Selected drinks £1.50. Free drink if you arrive before 11pm.
Party vibe: It’s Pryzm. Do we need to say more? Tuesdays are often themed — from glitter to foam parties and Halloween dress up. The tunes are the usual pop hit and dance suspects.

Where: LuvRhythm at Red Bar


Cost of entry: Usually £1.
Drink specials: Selected drinks £1, free shots for the first 100 people.
Party vibe: New kid on the block LuvRhythm brings the festival vibes with DJs playing until the early hours of the morning. Expect lots of techno, electronic dance and a thumping base. You’ll need Red Bull to keep up.

Where: Bubblin at Filthy’s


Cost of entry: Free before 11pm, £3 before midnight, £5 after midnight.
Drink specials: £2 pints, £2 jagerbombs, £3.50 doubles, 2 cocktails for £5.
Party vibe: Bassline, DNB, Garage and Grime — Bubblin’ is your slice of something different on a Tuesday night. Also new to the Nottingham scene, they’re keen to please with free entry before 11pm and plenty of drink specials. Definitely worth checking out!


Where: Ocean


Cost of entry: Tickets start at £4.50.
Drink specials: Unspecified.
Party vibe: Wednesdays is Nottingham Trent’s official night at Ocean, where you can expect your cringey pop favourites, top 40 hits and throwbacks to some classic 90s power ballads. You’ll be screaming lyrics so much you’ll lose your voice as well as your t-shirt when a certain song comes on.

Where: Crisis


Cost of entry: £6-£9.50
Drink specials: 2 x jagerbombs for £3.50
Party vibe: The main room plays a decent amount of cheese, top of the charts and commercial RnB — plenty of tunes to belt your lungs out to. Or you can head downstairs for some dubstep, hip hop, RnB and funk for less singing and more grinding.


Where: Tuned


Cost of entry: £5.
Drink specials: Free jagerbomb with advanced ticket, 2 for 1 on selected drinks.
Party vibe: Tuned boasts three rooms with different tunes. The main room is ‘where the magic happens’(cheese, dance hits, Top 40), The Basement had your pop punk and alternative anthems, while the Cherry Bar is the home for hip-hop, rap and grime. Plenty of variety to suit your mood or level of drunkness.


Where: Chomp! at The Point


Cost of entry: Free entry guestlist before 11:30pm.
Drink specials: Drinks from £1.85
Party vibe: Cheese, anthems and student classics. It’s a Nottingham Trent night after all. No one can resist the Beibs after a six pack of Strongbow DDark Fruits anyway.

Where: Ocean


Cost of entry: Usually £6.
Drink specials:Unspecified.
Party vibe: Fridays, it’s the University of Nottingham’s turn to own Ocean. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance if you want a look in. It’s the same cheesy tunes and dance floor hits as Wednesday, because if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Where: Climax


Cost of entry: Around £5.
Drink specials: Unspecified.
Party vibe: If you’re not partied out by the weekend or have friends coming for a visit and expecting big things, Climax is the place to be. NTU students can sign up two non-student guests (bring your rents!) and all other universities are welcome. You never know who’ll you meet/snog on the Climax dancefloor… As for the music? Expect Chart, House, R&B, Electro, Indie, and DnB.