One of the best things about going to university is all the societies you can join. They’re a great way to make friends and meet people with similar interests to you, who perhaps aren’t on your course. So here are just some of the amazing societies you could join as a student at the University of Nottingham.

A cappella Society

This society was only formed in 2013 but is one of the largest a cappella societies in the UK. Whether you are very musical or only ever sing in the shower, the a cappella society will have something for you, as within the society they have loads of mini-groups for different genres etc.

Darts Society

This ever-growing darts society is the varsity champion for 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020. So if you have an interest in playing darts, this is the best student society at the University of Nottingham for you whether you are an expert in darts or have never thrown a dart before. The society takes part in all sorts of leagues and competitions but is a very chill group when they are not competing.

Lego Society

Who doesn’t love Lego? Except maybe someone who has just stepped on a piece. The Uni of Nottingham’s Lego society is great fun, whether you want to take part in a team build or just get on with your own project in the company of others. This creative society is all about being productive, inspired, and having fun.

Pub Quiz Society

This society is perfect for all the competitive Uni of Nottingham students who are passionate about trivia. The pub quiz society does loads of quizzes all year round, but not the typical pub quizzes you may be used to, as the society tries to make its quizzes more student based and less for the over 50s.

Sign Language Society

This friendly society offers a fun way to learn new skills and meet new friends. You don’t need any prior knowledge of British Sign Language to join, and the society runs weekly informal student-led lessons so everyone can practice what they know.

Cake Society

If you love baking, this is the best student society at the University of Nottingham for you, whether you’re a novice or an expert. The cake society organises fortnightly baking sessions and skills sessions to help you expand your baking skills, plus you get to eat everything you make. The cake society also does themed decorating events where you can show off your skills.

Role-Playing and Wargames Society

This is the best student society at the University of Nottingham to fulfil all your gaming needs, whether you prefer tabletop games, live-action roleplay, board games, etc. It’s a society for anyone that wants to escape reality and leave their day-to-day worries behind by living in a fantasy world for a few hours. The role-playing and wargames society has weekly events, so anyone who joins is spoiled for choice.

Economics & Finance Society

This society has over 1200 members and is one of the largest at the University of Nottingham, in fact, last year they were awarded the university’s Student Union Gold Award. The economics and finance society offers career advice, workshops, networking events, and much more. It also organises many affordable social events, as it’s also important to have fun.