Thinking of getting inked? Save yourself the stress of worrying if you’re new tat is going to be a botched job and make sure you visit one of the best tattoo shops in Nottingham, listed below!

Neon Wolf Studio

First up on our list of the best tattoo shops in Nottingham is none other than Neon Wolf Studio. A Lenton staple located just off Derby Road, we guarantee you’ve never seen a tattoo parlour like this one. Boasting a pastel pink coffee lounge and bumper car dodgems, grab yourself a cookie and head to the tattoo shop in the neon lit basement. You’ll be all fuelled up (and full up!) in time for your next tat.


If you’re looking for a studio that is going to give you incredible body art and put your mind at ease, Thundercat should be your go to parlour. They offer free tattoo consultations so you can talk over any concerns you may have before committing ink to skin. Whilst all the tattoos showcased on their insta are amazing, their realism pieces in particular are astounding, so if you’re a fan of this style, definitely pay them a visit!

Good Tattoo Studio

Appropriately named, Good Tattoo Studio is a great place to consider getting inked. Head into Hockley and you’ll find the airy space decked with plants and fluffy throws to make you feel right at home. The talented artists at the studio are able to do most styles too! So you’ll be spoilt for choice in picking what body art matches your vibe best.

Skin City

Another one of the best tattoo shops in Nottingham you should consider visiting is Skin City. Based on Alfreton Road, the outside of the shop may not look as ‘Instagramable’ as some other shops mentioned. But step inside and you’ll be met by some absolutely incredible tattoo talent. Just be warned, you’ll need to book in for an appointment with this tattoo shop, as they don’t take walk-ins. To be honest, their reasoning is pretty sound. On their Facebook page, they explain: ‘We believe that getting a tattoo should be as much about the experience as the artwork itself and one which should be cherished and not done in haste.’ Rest assured, you’re in safe hands at Skin City.

Bodycraft Tattoo

Opening in 1997, Bodycraft Tattoo is the perfect tattoo shop for students. Aiming to make tattoo and piercing available to all, if you’re struggling to find a tattooist that can match your budget, Bodycraft should be top of your list. This studio is especially good if you really want to feel a sense of support from your tattoo artist to make your dream tattoo come to life. On their website, they state: ‘Our customer service-based approach here at Bodycraft sets us apart from the rest. We strive to make sure you have the best experience possible while our artists help turn your ideas into beautiful artwork that you can cherish forever’. So, if you want your artwork to have a personal touch (who wouldn’t?), then consider Bodycraft for your next inking.

Society 13

Our list of the best tattoo shops in Nottingham just wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Society 13. The shop was voted ‘Nottingham’s Best Tattoo Studio’ consistently from 2013-2021. Since Nottingham is a city full of diverse, talented tattoo artists, this is no easy feat! If you’re someone who loves a more gothic style of tattoo, Society 13 should be your first point of call. They have also gained a reputation for offering some of the best tattoo cover ups in the city. So, if you’ve got some bad ink, save yourself the trouble of going on Tattoo Fixers! Just give Society 13 a call!

After seeing the work of the best tattoo shops in Nottingham you’ll probably be dying to get inked. But first, make sure you read our article ‘10 things to know before getting a tattoo for the first time’ so you’re well prepared! Happy inking folks!