This September, students take over Sheffield’s clubs, bars and venues as Freshers’ Week takes place. The first year is usually an exciting time full of parties, getting to know others and beginning your studies, not to mention learning how to live on your own. And while it might be a little bit anxiety-inducing, Freshers’ Week is a great time to let loose before all the serious stuff kicks in. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best freshers’ events in Sheffield for 2023 so you make the most of this time. It begins on the 18th of September ( with some events starting on the 17th) and ends on the 24th of September, so there’s plenty of time to get them all in.

Pop Tarts Shrek’s Swamp Karaoke Party 

best freshers events in Sheffield 2023

Location: Foundry studio

Date: 16th September 

Price £5.50 in advance, £6 at the door

The Foundry, right in the heart of the University of Sheffield’s Student Union, has a long and excellent reputation to uphold as the party central on campus. Just a couple of days before Fresher proper, everyone from Freshers to Ph.D. students can unleash their inner party animal at the first Pop-Tarts of the semester.

Pop-Tarts is a staple of student club nights in Sheffield and there is no better way to prepare for Fresher’s Week than this exclusive event. You can sign along to the Shrek soundtrack at the swamp karaoke party, as well as getting to know other people attending your uni.

Desert Island Beach Party

Desert Island party

Location: Foundry studio

Date: 17th September 

Price: £6 pound in advance, £7 pounds at the door 

If the Shrek’s swamp party wasn’t enough, the Desert Island Beach Party should be your next party destination. This exciting event is a classic of the University of Sheffield’s fresher experience and should not be missed. Plus it’s one of the best freshers events in Sheffield for 2023, as you can pretend your still on holiday. Get your sunglasses on and dance till dawn  to a fun playlist. You can also expect giveaways, bucket cocktails and much more.

The Big Fresher Icebreaker

best freshers' events in Sheffield 2023

Location: Foundry studio

Date: 22nd September 

Price: Final Release ticket at £14.99

Since 2009, the Big Fresher Icebreaker has been a staple in Fresher’s week, and Sheffield is no exception. Home to 2 Universities (The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University), and pints at an average of £4, it does not come as a surprise that the Steel City maintains a certain reputation at the place where to party.  The Icebreaker is all about dancing, having fun and meet new friends. Furthermore, if you have visits from friends back home or have friends outside University, if they buy a ticket they can join the event too.

The Abba Experience 

Sheffield Freshers | The ABBA Experience | Crystal Bar

Location: Crystal Bar

Date: 21st September 

Price: £3 on first release, £10 on final release

The Abba Experience is part of the Freshers Takeover. Dancing Queen and Gimme ! Gimme! Gimme are unmissable songs during nights out, and Freshers’ Week won’t be the last time you hear them. The Abba Experience is all about singing and dancing to your favourite hit. Furthermore, to spice up the night, the event will host prizes for the best retro/fancy dress. One more reason to.

Sheffield Fresher 00’s Party

best freshers' events in sheffield 2023

Location: The Viper Rooms 

Date: 22nd September 

Price: £3 on first release, £10 on final release 

If the Big Freshers Icebreaker is not your cup of tea, the Sheffield Fresher 00s party from the Freshers Takeover has your back. This event is one of the most successful and well known, not just in Sheffield, but nation wide. It’s all about travelling back to the 200s, so you can hear songs from Flo Rida, Beyoncé, Avril Lavigne, Pussycat Dolls and many others. It’s about escaping into nostalgia, so you know it’s gonna be good.

The Big Freshers Opening Party

Sheffield Freshers Opening Party 2023

Location: Corporation

Date: 17th September 

Price: £5 second release 

This is one of the best freshers’ events in Sheffield in 2023 to start off Freshers’ Week. Taking place on the Sunday night, which is officially the eve of Freshers’ Week, you can dance to alternative music at one of the Top 3 Rock Clubs by Kerrang.

For an unmissable night out, don’t forget to try the rainbow challenge (7 pints, each pint has a different colour). It’s a staple or rote of passage for Sheffield students to do this drinking challenge (or at least try).

The Big Freshers Closing Party 

Freshers closing party Sheffield 2023

Location: Network

Date: 23rd September 

Price: £3 on first Release, £10 final release 

As the final event of the Freshers Takeover, the Big Freshers Closing Party, as suggested by the name promises to be the perfect celebration to mark Sheffield Freshers week 2023. Expect mind-blowing light effects and the best party anthems. Who knows, maybe this will be a night to remember – or you might not be able to.

The Big Fresher Lockdown

credit Pexels

Location: Crystal Ball

Date: 19th September 

Price: from £12.50

The Big Freshers Lockdown is another well-known freshers event across the UK. Despite the negative connotation of lockdown, this night is not about face masks and isolation, it’s about dancing, guest appearances, confetti storms and prizes. This year the Big Fresher Lockdown is in partnership with Boohooman, another reason to show up this year.

F*ck Me It’s Freshers

best freshers events

Location: Network 

Date: 18th September 

Price: tickets from £5

This year’s edition of F*ck Me It’s Freshers promises to be an intense but fun event. Plus the theme is foam party so what could go wrong ? Apart from foam showers, expect to receive free sweets and a F*ck Me It’s Freshers t-shirt (your first souvenir from your uni days) and much more. Also, the music variety is one of the best in town. Equipped with 3 rooms, Network will deliver all the best that R&B,House and Drum and Bass music has to offer.

Freshers Midnight Memories 

credit Pexels

Location: The Leadmill

Date: 17th September 

Price: £7

Freshers will soon realise that The Leadmill is not just a venue, but a real part of Sheffield student life. Every student, who enjoys clubbing or a cheeky night out, should at least try the Leadmill once in their student years, and why not start during Freshers’ Week? Midnight Memories has an impressive music range from playing One Direction classics to Taylor Swift. The real deal, however is not just the music playlist, but the drink deals. You can find £5 themed cocktails and £1 shots, making it a great cheap night out. If you’re curious, you can find out more about the 10 universities with the cheapest freshers week here.

Freshers week can be nerve-wracking, scary but also loads of fun, and we hope you have a great time with our recommendations. If you want to know more about what life is like as a uni student in Sheffield, read what past students have to say and their tips for newbies.

Last Updated on March 20, 2024