What better way to escape studying than with escape rooms? Clubbing and going to the gym can sometimes feel a bit samey – especially if you do it a lot, but this is something fun and different to try. Grab your group of friends or housemates and try out one of the escape rooms in Sheffield for a fun way to break free. Our list covers all the best escape rooms in Sheffield, including themed rooms and award-winning venues.

The Great Escape Game 

Escape rooms Sheffield

Located in a side lane just behind Sheffield's cathedral, this award-winning venue is perfect for both beginners and escape room experts. Test your logic and problem-solving skills in a wide range of scenarios which include saving a friend from a pact with the Devil in the "No Hope in Hell Game". Outside escape rooms, the Great Escape Game also offers cocktail masterclasses and can be booked for Christmas parties. Seems like this place is geared towards Sheffield's student population.

Address: St James House, Vicar Lane, Sheffield City Centre 

Crack the Code

Crack the code Sheffield

Crack the Code is conveniently located in the heart of Sheffield between West Street and Division Street. Although this venue only offers 3 escape rooms, there is still plenty to explore. In each room, as a rule, you only have an hour to crack the code. One of the most popular themes includes searching for a dragon egg in ‘A Discovery of Dragons’. This escape room in Sheffield costs £40 for 2 people, or £68 for 4 people.

Address: Carver House, Carver Street, Sheffield City Centre

Cryptology Escape Rooms 

Cryptology Escape Rooms Sheffield

This multi-awarded hidden gem in West Street is just a 5-minute walk away from the University of Sheffield Student Union. Cryptology Escape Rooms in Sheffield works in a slightly different way compared to a traditional escape room because you decide the end goal. For instance,  you can choose a challenge that allows you to escape in as little as possible. In terms of the actual room themselves there are several themes ranging from sci-fi (First Contact)  where you have to rescue a missing crew in space, and thriller (Afterlife). It costs £22 per person if you’re playing for a group of two, which goes down to £18 per person for groups of 5.

Address: 141 West Street, Sheffield City Centre

Escape Sheffield

Escape Sheffield

Escape Sheffield is the perfect escape room to test your team-working skills since it has rooms especially designed for groups of 2 for £44 to 5 people for £85. Although is slightly more expensive than the other escape rooms in Sheffield, this venue gives you the option to choose from 5 different escape rooms where you have just an hour to solve all the codes and puzzles. One of the most popular rooms is Sherlock Holmes themed, which is great for fans of the show.

Address: 33 High Street, Sheffield City Centre 

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