Sheffield has a reputation for being a party city. It’s got endless choices of bars and clubs, as well as a huge student community – so it’s hardly a surprise. But it also has some of the best places to sing your heart out too. Our list of the best karaoke bars and rooms in Sheffield cover all the places that you can do exactly this.

1. Eight Degree KTV Sheffield

Eight Degree KTV Sheffield karaoke room

This place is quite chilled and slightly  less outgoing compared to other karaoke places on this list, however this is not just a karaoke bar, at night Eight Degrees transforms into a nightclub. Good news, Eight Degrees prides in their large song selection. Furthermore, don’t shy away from bringing a large crowd because the private karaoke room are quite spacious holding up to 20 people at the time.

Address: 11-19 Regent Streets, Broomhall

2. Kmax Karaoke Bar Sheffield

Kmax Karaoke Bar Sheffield 

Located in a popular  area of Sheffield, dotted with many student accommodations and offices, Kmax karaoke  remains a good place to unwind during the weekend after a week of lectures. Furthermore, if that is not enough, Kmax offers 2 floors with a total of 12 rooms , suitable  for big celebrations like a birthday or the end of an exam.In terms of drinks expect usual choice of soft drinks,beers, shots and mixers and there is a small selection of hot drinks . One important  note:  on  Sundays the personal at Kmax  suggest to book a couple of days in advance particularly if you want to take advantage of the special offers.

Address: 51  Scotland Street, Sheffield 3 area

3. Boom Box Sheffield

Boom Box is one of the best karaoke bars in Sheffield

Boom Box is located in a busy and  commercial  area in central Sheffield , this means that this venue is easily reachable for both Uni of and Hallam student. Boom box is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays or just as an excuse for a night out . Curiously, outside of karaoke they organise  all  sorts of interesting events ranging from the classics of beer bong ( there is also the option of Prosecco pong if you’d ) and even  axe-throwing. Furthermore, Boom Box also organise birthdays and stag and hens parties so this will easily become a go to for large celebrations.

Address: Unit 4 and 5, 24 The Moor, Sheffield City Centre

4. Woodys Karaoke Bar

Woody's Karaoke Sheffield

Woodys is probably the best karaoke bar in Sheffield for events. They celebrate national days like Coronation Day or hold random events with a theme that you can attend. It’s situated right by All Bar One, making it an easy place to get too. It’s one of the more underrated karaoke bars in Sheffield, but still has

Address: 20 Orchard street S1 2GX

Karaoke bars in Sheffield offer a different way to have a night out. You can still drink and dance, but you’ll also be able to pretend you’re a famous singer, or cringe at your mates who really go for it. Either way it’s guaranteed to be a fun (or funny) night out. Don’t forget to also read our articles about the best places to go for brunch in Sheffield to fuelling up the morning after and the best cheap pubs for students in Sheffield for cheap nights out.