It’s towards the end of the year and you’re on the last of your student loan. Perhaps you still want to go out and do stuff but find it difficult to find things that don’t send you into your overdraft. If you’re looking for fun and cheap things to do in Swansea that don’t break the bank, then here are a few of our suggestions.

Bike ride to Mumbles 

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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If you like being outside, then going for a bike ride around Swansea is a great way to have fun without spending too much money. Obviously, if you have your own bike, then this won’t cost anything, but there are Santander bikes at campus which you can rent out yourself! It costs £1 for every half an hour, so a trip to Mumbles only comes to £2!

Visit Singleton park

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Singleton Park is such a beautiful place in Swansea, and I don’t think it is talked about enough. It’s a fantastic place to have a picnic and go for a walk, meaning you don’t really have to spend a thing. There’s also a botanical garden with greenhouses, which anyone can go in without paying anything! Even during the colder days of the year, I still love going here for a walk.

Use the tennis courts in Victoria Park 

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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If you like playing tennis but don’t want to pay for a sports membership, then there are tennis courts in Victoria Park that you can use for free! Although the tennis courts are free, you do obviously have to buy your own rackets and tennis balls, but it’s still a great option for people who like tennis.

They also can get busy on sunny days, so I find it better to go in the morning or the evening when it’s quieter, otherwise, you might have to wait a while.

Explore Swansea’s Beaches

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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The beach is one of the most obvious cheap things to do in Swansea, but I still think it’s worth mentioning here. There’s Swansea Beach which is the most convenient beach to get to if you’re a student, as most people can just walk there, however, the beaches in Mumbles are better for sunnier days.

One place to visit during the summer is Rhossili, as they have a huge field full of beautiful sunflowers. There’s also Caswell Bay which is a great sandy beach, and Bracelet Bay which is more for rockpooling. There’s basically a beach for everyone, so all you have to buy is a bus ticket and an ice cream.

Take a trip to the Arcade

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Arcades are things that never get old in my opinion, and Swansea has a few. My favourite one is by the pier in Mumbles, because the arcade games there are the best. They have Guitar Hero, a Mario Kart racing game, air hockey, and some classic penny drop games and claw machines as well.

This one is a bit out of the way though, but there’s also one by Parc Tawe, which is just a bit out of the city centre. This arcade is a bit smaller, with some claw machines, car racing games, and a few others. This is because the main attraction at this arcade is the bowling alley, but it’s still good fun for not a lot of money.

Paddle Boats in Singleton Park

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for sutdents
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In Singleton Park, there are paddle boats that you can ride on for half an hour around a little lake. You can either get boats of 2 or boats of 4, and they’re shaped like swans, cars, or dragons. It’s also a really nice area, with places to sit down and have a picnic, or even go to the pub next door! It’s only £6 for students, and £8 for adults, so it’s a different thing to do if you’re at the end of the semester and on the last drops of your loan.

Try Crazy Golf in Bunkers

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Crazy golf is always fun, but sometimes it can be expensive. However, there is a golf course in Singleton Park that is only £3 for students, and £3.50 standard price! This is also right next to the paddle boats, so there are lots of things to do in this area.

If you’re from Swansea, you’ll know about Bunkers, which is a crazy golf course with fun decorations as you go around. However, this is more expensive, as it is £8 for one game, or £12.50 for two games. The one in the park is just as fun, but you’ll have to make sure you go on a sunny day.


10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Plantasia is a tropical zoo in Swansea that is filled with exotic plants and a range of animals as well, including meerkats, parrots, and even crocodiles! All of this is under a huge greenhouse near Swansea city centre, and it feels like you’re walking through a forest as you’re going through.

As students get a discount, it’s only £6.40! Just make sure to remember your student ID, or you’ll have to pay the standard price of £8.

Enjoy Swansea’s Cinemas

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Cinemas can be pretty expensive, but Odeon cinema in Swansea is actually on the cheap side. Student tickets are usually around £6, but if you buy tickets through their app, you don’t have to pay a service charge! The Vue cinema offers similar prices, some movies being only £5! Compared to other cinemas in the country, this is pretty good value for money, and it’s handy that you have two cinemas to choose from as well.

Visit the Dylan Thomas Centre

If you feel like perusing a great exhibition, or attending an event, the Dylan Thomas Centre is the place to go. Home to a permanent exhibition, ‘Love the Words’, their interactive displays tell a fascinating story.

Visit Neath Abbey Ruins

Looking for fun things to do on a summery day? As the sun shines, soak up the sights of local history at the ruins of Neath Abbey Monastery.

Since it’s free entry, why not take a picnic and make an afternoon of it?

Play pool at Copper

10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students
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Copper is a cafe/bar in Swansea city centre that also has a games room downstairs! There’s a table tennis table, a pool table, foosball, an arcade game, a Wii and an X-box! There’s so much to do there, so it’s a great place to spend some time with your friends.

For some of the games you’ll need some change, but apart from that it’s free to use! They also have amazing ciders (the mango one being my favourite), which I think you should definitely try.

Visit Swansea Castle

When you’re chilling on Wind Street, it’s kinda wild to picture Swansea Castle in its old-school glory days. What we see now is just a teaser. Back in the day, this castle stretched from Caer Street to Welcome Lane.

Swansea Castle? It was the crib of Henry de Beaumont, the new Lord of the Gower back then. Built right next to the River Tawe, its prime spot was perfect for keeping an eye on the peninsula and watching for any sneaky sea attacks.

Visit the National Waterfront Museum

The National Waterfront Museum in Wales is all about showcasing its industrial and innovative roots. Dive into their maritime legacy, get lost among a ton of cool relics from Wales’ history, and feel the vibes of both the ancient and modern in the city’s ever-evolving maritime district.

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Swansea’s indoor market

Not only award winning, but Swansea’s indoor market is also the largest of its kind in Wales, offering a unique shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for local produce, delicious food or unique gifts, this indoor market has it all.

Grab a coffee, sit back and chat with pals and tuck into the tasty treats Swansea market has to offer. There are also live events, demonstrations and other entertainment available, so be sure to check in and get planning.

Whether you’re visiting Swansea and looking for things to do, or studying nearby, the market is a must-visit.

Gower Heritage Centre

Ready to jump into Swansea history? You’re going to love the Gower Centre. Somewhat part museum, part exhibition and craft shop, there’s plenty to see and do. If you find yourself in Swansea on a rainy day, get this spot on your hit list.

This 12th Cenytry working water powered corn mill is located near Three Cliffs Bay, and has a tea garden, cider making, art classes, pottery and much much more.

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Last Updated on October 30, 2023