The initial weeks at uni are exhilarating, yet can be quite daunting, especially if it’s your first time living away from home.

We understand. It’s all too tempting to snuggle up with some Ben and Jerry’s and the latest binge-worthy Netflix show, convincing yourself you’re not homesick. But let’s be honest, this new setting can feel strange and takes a while to adjust to.

So if you’re on your way to Swansea Uni, or if you’re already there, spoon in hand and deep into that second tub of ice cream (we feel ya), here are some pointers for easing into the new environment.

Start connecting from day one

While it might sound like something your Mum would say, making friends truly is pivotal during your uni days. It promises not only memorable nights and hilarious stories but also makes your transition smoother and more enjoyable.

When homesickness hits hard, and you’re contemplating packing up or catching the next train home, it’s the perfect time to interact. Establishing your circle will undoubtedly make you feel more at ease at Swansea Uni, especially during those initial adjustment periods.

Unsure about initiating a conversation? Perhaps a snack-filled movie night with your flatmates might be a good idea. Or even better, a group cooking session. Simple delights like pancakes are always a hit.

If you’re not into cooking and the thought of potentially setting off the fire alarm doesn’t appeal, striking up a conversation with fellow students from your course might be more up your alley. Given that you share a course, there’s already common ground. Chatting about your A-level results isn’t necessary; just be yourself and your group will form organically.

swansea uni societies
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Join a society

This isn’t everyone’s preference, but societies can be a fantastic avenue to connect with new mates when settling into Swansea Uni. With a range of interests, from sports to arts, societies ease introductions through shared hobbies.

Don’t hesitate to dive in, irrespective of which society you choose! And, if you find that it’s not a perfect fit down the line, there’s no obligation to stay forever. They don’t own your soul, don’t worry.

Swansea Uni boasts an eclectic mix of societies – from arts and music to niche ones like the ‘Baking Appreciation’ society. Exploring them might just uncover a new passion or skill.

If you enjoy staying fit, you could also consider joining one of Swansea’s gyms?

Personalise your space

Transitioning into uni is a process, and creating a comfortable living space is mega important. While we don’t recommend staying cooped up in your room (unless it’s a pre-party gathering with your mates), it should exude a homely vibe.

The shift from your familiar room at home can be jarring. However, the beauty of tailoring your uni room lies in its potential to feel snug and comforting.

Incorporate elements you love – be it your cherished bedspread, wall art, or even certain furniture pieces – to make your new room feel unmistakably yours.

swansea uni freshers week
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Immerse yourself in Freshers’ Week

You’ve probably gathered a fair bit about freshers’ week already. It’s undeniably a highlight for party enthusiasts, but if you prefer sober fun, don’t let the stories daunt you.

Freshers’ week at Swansea Uni is fundamentally designed to facilitate bonding among new students. While some events might be centred around booze, there are ample alternatives like movie nights, games, paintballing, and more you can get involved with.

It’s not about drinking to fit in. Engage in activities that resonate with your personality and interests. This way, you’ll naturally gravitate towards like-minded individuals, paving the way for genuine bonds.

If you’re more reserved, don’t miss our guide on navigating freshers’ week as an introvert.

Know where all the spots are

From hairdressers and barbers in Swansea to the best clubs, get to know your city and all the best student hangouts. This can take time, but you’ll only know by getting out there and exploring.