Swansea is far from being known as a romantic city like Paris or Venice, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything fun for couples to do here. From sunsets on the beach to meals in restaurants, there’s an abundance of things to do in Swansea for couples.

What are the best things to do in Swansea for couples?

Planning a date night in Swansea? Finding date ideas doesn’t have to be a complete faff, or rinse your bank account. Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do in Swansea for couples, whether we’re talking first date ideas or a few dates in.

Or, if you’re just looking for some fun activities to do with your mates, you might wanna add some of these to your bucket list.

So let’s get stuck in.


10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Bunkers has only arrived recently in Swansea, but it has won over the city as a hotspot of the town. There are two crazy golf courses to take part in, with some fun themes as you go round like Stranger Things and The Simpsons. There’s also table tennis and electro darts, so it’s a great place to get your competitive side out, just don’t blame us for any break ups.

Go for a bike ride to Mumbles

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Renting out the Santander bikes on campus is really popular amongst students. There’s a cycle path all the way to Mumbles, so there’s an amazing view of the sea along the whole path. The good thing about this journey is that it’s all flat, so it really is a relaxing bike ride, and it’s always that much better going with someone you like.

Cinema & Co

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Cinema & Co is an independent cinema in Swansea city centre. It’s got a cute aesthetic of fairy lights and comfy double wooden deck chairs, making it a perfect date for a couple in Swansea. You’ll have to check in advance what movies they are playing, and even better, if they are doing any pizza nights! It’s definitely one of Swansea’s hidden gems, so you have to try it if you’re ever nearby.

Singleton Park

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Singleton Park is a great place for things to do in Swansea for couples. There are huge fields for picnics, with a perfect view of the sea, and also a botanical garden with beautiful flowers with greenhouses. It’s a great place to go exploring, no matter what time of the year. One of my favourite things to do in Singleton Park is go blackberry picking during autumn, which again could be another date idea. The park is massive, so there’s always something new to see there, no matter how much you’ve already explored.

Scenic walks

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Swansea has so many walks and paths to go along, which is always fun for couples to do. Obviously, there’s the beach, which is always a nice walk to go on, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, then you should try walks such as Kilvey Hill. There’s a fantastic view of the whole city and ocean stretching out before you from the top, and it’s a part of Swansea that isn’t talked about a lot.

Here are some of our favourite spots for a romantic stroll:

Gower Peninsula

The Gower Peninsula is like the UK’s top spot for awesome nature vibes, and it’s got some of the coolest parts of the 870-mile Welsh Coastline. This outstanding natural beauty is not to be missed. You could try walking its whole 46 miles, but, honestly, who’s got the energy or time for that?

However, if we had to pick some of our favourite walks along the coastline, they’d have to be the Worms Head hike, Three Cliffs Bay and a loop of Tor Bay and Cefn Bryn.

Wander round Swansea Castle

Feel like taking a scroll somewhere you can soak up some of Swansea’s history? Swansea Castle may not be dwarfed by its modern city centre surroundings, but the castle is still very much worth a visit.

Shop at Swansea indoor market

Sure, it’s not quite a ‘romantic’ walk, but everyone loves shopping right? Swansea Indoor Market is award-winning, offering a unique shopping experience of everything from local produce and tasty food to antiques and gifts.

Water sports

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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As Swansea is next to the sea, there’s obviously loads of water sports you and your partner can do together. The SUP Hut in Swansea lets you rent out paddle boards and even offers lessons if you enjoy going out on the sea. Swansea Adventures also offers kayaking, which is better for those of us with bad balance. If you’re both students, there’s also loads of water sports societies which you could be a part of, so it’s always worth checking that out if you’re both into water sports.

Football golf

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Staying on the sporty side of things, Swansea has a football golf course that is great fun for couples. It’s similar to crazy golf, except you’re kicking a football about instead, which can be more challenging (unless you play football already)! However, you’ll have to find a clear day to do it, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do in Swansea.

Waterstones cafe

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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If you’re looking for a different date idea (and if you both love reading), then going to Waterstones, choosing a book out for your partner, and then going upstairs to the cafe and reading it is something different you could both try. Obviously, you’ll have to trust your partner not to choose something awful for you, but it’s a different idea that can end up being a lot of fun. And even if you don’t like the book, a hot chocolate and a cake in the cafe will make up for it.

Work your way through Swansea’s best restaurants

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Going for a meal is obviously always a great date idea, and there are loads of places in Swansea to go eat out if you’re looking for somewhere different. If you’re looking for pizza, then you should try out Hoogah or Brewstone. They both have cute atmospheres which is perfect for dates, and the food in both of these places are amazing. Truffle is another restaurant that does a little fancier food, but is still really affordable and tasty. My favourite thing about this restaurant is that you can bring your own drinks with you, which is always a bonus.

Visit the Board game cafe

10 Fun things to do in Swansea for couples
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Social Dice is a new board game cafe in Swansea which has over 400 board games, so I’m sure you’ll find something there to play. Board games are always popular with couples, and it’s even better going out somewhere to do this. They also sell food and drinks, so it’s a nice place to play a board game and relax.

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