Knowing where to go on nights out can be tricky, especially if you don’t want to miss out on any deals. Swansea’s Wind Street in particular is full of nightclubs, so knowing where the cheapest club is is never easy.

From club nights to releasing your inner dancing queen, get ready for great live music, a dose of hip hop and cocktails galore.

If you want to know which clubs to hit and on which days of the week, then here are the best student nights in Swansea.


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Coyote Ugly Saloon, 41 Salubrious Pl, Wind St, Swansea SA1 1EE

Heading out to Wind Street on a Monday, and not sure where to go? Coyote Ugly Saloon is open until 2am. But of course… Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you’ve gotta get the idea, right?

Don’t expect a “sophisticated gin bar” (their words!), because they’re there to party. So get the drinks flowing, check out their events and get ready to roll home.


The best student nights in Swansea: what to do every night of the week
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Sin City, 14-16 Dilwyn St, SA1 4AQ

Tuesday nights are for those die-hard Sin City lovers, since this is when Hustle is hosted. On Hustle nights, a mix of hip hop, Motown, funk, and soul is played, so it’s a perfect night to get dancing.

The atmosphere in Sin is always fantastic, so even if this isn’t your type of music, you’ll probably still have a good night out at Hustle.


The best student nights in Swansea: what to do every night of the week
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Jack Murphys, 5 Wind St, SA1 1DE

Wednesday night is student night in Swansea, so most places have deals on for cheaper drinks and entry. For me, this is the best student night in Swansea, since everywhere is cheaper, and it means Kon Tiki do their 2 cocktails for £6 deal. Kon Tiki isn’t a nightclub, but it is a great place to get the night started, especially when their cocktails are so cheap!

After going to Kon Tikis, there are loads of clubs to go to. My favourite one is Jack Murphys, since they usually hand out cards that give you free entry, and the music there is great. Although there are loads of other places you can go to, like Pop World, Dorothy’s and the Coyote Ugly Saloon.

peppermint swansea student nights

Peppermint bar, 13 – 17 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1DP

If you’re looking for cheap drinks and a great student night out in Swansea, you’ve gotta start the night off right at Peppermint. With the potential to double your round for free with a classic game of rock, paper, scissors, what ya gotta lose?

Plus, on a Wednesday, they’re open til 3am, so you can get your friend group together and keep the cocktails flowing all night long.


The best student nights in Swansea: what to do every night of the week
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Sin City, 14-16 Dilwyn St, SA1 4AQ

Thursday is one of the best student nights in Swansea, and it’s again for those Sin City fans. Every week, Sin City host Sin Savers, which is a cheaper night for drinks. It’s so popular, that you can be queueing waiting for ages if you don’t pre-buy queue jumps!

They play the best anthems from a variety of genres, so it’s obvious why it’s so popular. If you’re going there for the first time, my advice would be to get there early, because it is insane how long that queue can get.


The best student nights in Swansea: what to do every night of the week
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Dorothys Showbar, 8-9 Wind St, SA1 1DF

So, where’s the best place to go on a Friday night? In all honesty, it depends on what you like, since there isn’t really one place that’s cheaper than the others. One nightclub that I need to mention is Dorothy’s Showbar.

Different drag queens host a night at Dorothy’s all week long, and they all have the best taste in music. It gets packed on a Friday night, so it’s obviously a fun place to be. Another great place to go is Pop World, which plays pop music if you didn’t get that from the name. Pop World is definitely the most colourful and neon club in Swansea, and they play some pretty good music as well.

flickering light swansea student night

Flickering Light, 55 Wind St, Swansea SA1 1EG

If you’re hitting Wind Street on a Friday (or Saturday) night, you’re gonna want to visit Flickering Light. Open until 3am, this bar is no like no other, packed out with vintage decor and a real 1950s truck right at the bar. Cool, huh?

When it comes to Swansea club nights, students looking for great music and an all night party are not gonna be disappointed.


The best student nights in Swansea: what to do every night of the week
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Popworld, 2 Wind St, SA1 1DE

Saturday night is, as you probably guessed, the most expensive night to go out in Swansea. Entry into clubs like Fiction can get to £10 if it’s late in the night! Everywhere is busy so it’s harder to find cheaper places. However, there are always people on Wind Street handing out deals to every club there, so definitely take those. These deals are usually free entry, free shot, or a free drink, so it’s a great way to save some money.

Now you guys have no excuses for not knowing where to go on which days of the week! If you don’t go to Swansea and want to know where to find good nights out, then read our article on the best UK student nights: ranked!

Frequently asked questions about Swansea nightlife

Is Swansea good for student nightlife?

Swansea city centre in particular can be great for student nightlife. Would we say it’s the best? Well… Check out our student nights: ranked. Of course, there are non students out in Swansea too, but if you’re looking to mingle with other students only, there are lots of clubs around to hit with your friends.

Which day of the week is best for a student night in Swansea?

From Mondays at the Coyote Ugly Saloon to Saturdays at Popworld, students have plenty of events and student nights to choose from in Swansea. Whether you fancy pre drinks and cocktails at Peppermint, or a wine cellar style atmosphere, there is always more than enough student nightlife in Swansea every day of the week.