Some of the most anticipated parts of going to university are the incredible nights out. Staying out until 3, 4, even 5 am and then rolling into a lecture still a little giggly with a coffee in hand – many people’s British university experiences described to a T. But where are the best places for these anticipated nights out? Here are the best UK student nights for you to explore!

1. Bristol: Bed Mondays

Entry: £6

Drinks deals: 2 for £5 VKs, 2 for £5 Gravity Bombs

BED is a student night with two different themed rooms. One room, the main room, will be blasting trap, RnB, hip-hop and drum and bass hits. Then there’s the BEDroom, which will be playing house, disco and club bangers all night long. The club night has been running for 14 years and is one of the best student nights in the country by a long stretch.

2. Newcastle: Playground Wednesdays

Where? TupTup Palace

Entry: £4+

Playground Wednesdays are the official NUSU Sports Night, but plenty of students find their way there eventually. Expect a club full of excitable, tipsy students enjoying themselves in a full club takeover. Enjoy rave music, RnB and floor filler tunes all night long!

3. Leicester: Mosh 

Where? Mosh

Entry: £3 before 11.30, £5 after

Drinks deals: Bottled Beers & Alcopops from £2, Single Vodka & Mixer: £2, Double Vodka & Mixer: £3, J-Bomb: £2.50, Shots from £1, 5 x Sours Shots for £5

Mosh is well known among students in Leicester, and it is by far one of the best student nights in the country. With stupidly cheap drinks and shots, and a range of music from retro pop to RnB and dance. Split across three rooms you’re guaranteed to not get bored on your night out!

4. Manchester: Skint 


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Where? 42’s

Entry: £4

Drinks deals: £1 Bakewell Bombs
 £1.50 Vod/Mix,
 £1.50 Bottles, Shots from £1

Looking for a cheap night out where you can bop along to disco, indie and pop rock? We know you do. That’s exactly what Skint is, and that’s why it is so beloved by Mancunian students. Well, that and the ridiculously cheap drinks.

5. Birmingham: Nightingale Thursdays

Where? The Nightingale

Entry: Free before 11 pm

Drinks deals: £2 drinks

Nightingale Thursdays are over in Birmingham’s Gay Village, and The Nightingale Club itself is the heart of the local gay scene. Every Thursday, The Nightingale offers free entry before 11 and amazingly cheap drinks alongside 3 rooms of music. In the main room, you can expect to hear R&B, hip hop and dance music. The second-floor main room will be blasting indie/alt bangers all night long, and then there’s the second-floor side room with sick camp/pop/cheese music.

6. Leeds: The Mixtape Project 


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Where? The HiFi

Entry: £4 early bird, £6 standard, £7 on the door

Fancy a dance in a basement? That’s what The HiFi offers with a playlist of amazing tunes, dance floor fillers, throwback tracks and new chart-toppers. They’ve been going for 13 years and are still one of the most beloved club nights in Leeds. You can also buy group tickets to save a little cash, priced at:

  • 4 tickets for £22
  • 5 tickets for £25
  • 6 tickets for £28.50

7. Sheffield: Leadmill Fridays 

Where? The Leadmill

Entry: £6

Drinks deals: 80p vodka mixers, £1.50 doubles, £5 rounds (1 Jbomb, 1 vodka mixer, 1 cheeky Vimto)

Ask any students where to go on a night out in Sheffield and they’ll tell you The Leadmill is the place to be. Expect to hear chart, house, R&B and indie pop tracks all night long with hundreds of other students screaming the hits at the top of their lungs.

8. Liverpool: Get Down Mondays


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Where? BrooklynMixer

Entry: from £1

Drinks deals: £3 double spirit and mxier, £6 or 3 jagerbombs, £6 for 3 bottles of beer, £6 for 3 bottles of VK

2 rooms of great music and astonishingly cheap drinks at a great bar – that’s what you can expect at Get Down Mondays. There’ll be one room dedicated to classic hip hop and R&B and another with pop bangers, both throwbacks and chart toppers.

9. London: Blackout Club 

Where? The Underworld Camden

Entry: £7

Right in the heart of Camden sits Camden’s leading rock bar: The Underworld. Each Friday, the Underworld (found underneath The World’s End, opposite Camden station) opens its doors to indie, metal, pop rock, rock and rock and roll fans. Their resident DJs blast all kinds of brilliant alternative tracks all night long that you can enjoy with some great drinks deals.

10. Reading: Skint

Where? Lola Lo

Entry: £2

Drinks deals: £2 Red Stripe, £2 Jbombs, £2 Tequila, £2 Sambuca

Reading is known for its nightlife, and Skint is definitely one of the best student nights in the UK. With two rooms, one full of rock anthems worth moshing around to, and another with alternative, electronic and R&B tunes to bop along to all night long

So, there you have it: those are the best UK student nights to add to your bucket list for those of you who are heading to uni this year. Check out our list of 10 essential things freshers should know to help you prepare!