Welcome to the ultimate guide to starting your day right in Swansea. Whether you’re an early riser ready to tackle your lectures or a night owl just wrapping up an essay marathon, a hearty breakfast is essential fuel for your student life.

In the bustling heart of Swansea, there are plenty of spots that cater to every tastebud and budget, but where do you find that perfect plate of eggs, the smoothest coffee, perfectly fried fried bread, or those Instagram-worthy pancakes?

Fear not! We’ve scoured the streets, from the quaint corners of Uplands to the seaside views of Mumbles, to bring you the definitive list of breakfast havens that won’t break the bank. So grab your wallet, a hungry appetite, and maybe a study buddy or two, and let’s take a closer look at the best breakfast Swansea has to offer.


Source: Instagram @fikamumbles

Relatively new to Swansea, Fika has earned some incredible reviews online for its great food and even better atmosphere. Their offering is simple, bagels, coffee and cocktails. What’s not to love? They also have a delicious jackfruit bagel available if you’re looking for a vegan breakfast to kickstart your day.

Plus, if you’re looking for a dog friendly cafe for breakfast, Fika is a great option!

Address: 44 Newton Rd, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BQ

Cariad Cafe

traditional welsh breakfast
Source: Facebook, Cariad Cafe

With nearly 500 positive reviews on Google, the Cariad Cafe is a popular spot for a delicious breakfast in Swansea. Get yourself a great coffee while you’re there, or indulge in an eggs benedict breakfast special!

Of course, if you’re feeling hungover, there’s nothing quite like a traditional Welsh breakfast, packed with bacon, sausage and mushrooms – to name a few!

Address: 1–2 Belle Vue, Pen-clawdd, Swansea SA4 3YE

Zinco Lounge

swansea breakfast
Source: Instagram @zincolounge

Zinco Lounge is yet another dog friendly venue, offering delicious cooked breakfast options. Whether you’re looking for a classic bacon sandwich, or a traditional Welsh breakfast with hash browns, pork sausages and fried free range eggs, they’ve got you covered from every angle.

Their buttermilk pancakes are absolutely delicious too, and don’t forget the maple syrup!

Address: 30 Princess Way, Swansea SA1 5HE

Food by Sean No600

best breakfast swansea food by sean
Source: Facebook, Food By Sean No600

This quirky restaurant has everything you could ask for when it comes to finding the best breakfast in Swansea. Their full breakfast includes pork sausages, back bacon, mushrooms, baked beans, cherry tomatoes, croquette, black pudding, eggs and sourdough toast. What more could you ask for? They also have a vegan breakfast option, including vegan sausages, vegan bacon, baked beans and a few other goodies.

Fancy something sweet? Their pancakes are to die for! Whether you’re a fan of bacon and maple syrup, or you’re more Biscoff or Nutella, they’ve got something to tingle everyone’s tastebuds.

When it comes to delicious food, Food by Sean No600 has got it covered.

Address: 600 Clydach Rd, Ynystawe, Ynysforgan, Swansea SA6 5AY

Haystack Cafe

haystack pancakes swansea
Source: Instagram @haystackcafe

Easily one of the best places for breakfast in Swansea, the Haystack Cafe has everything you could need to soak up your hangover (or ya know, if you’re just feeling hungry). From their XL Farmers Market breakfast – including two pork sausages, two bacon, two eggs, house hash browns, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast – to a brekkie bagel, no matter how hungry you are they’ve got great food to tick the box.

They also have a separate pancake menu, featuring seasonal favourites! Stack your pancakes your way and choose between 2 or 4 pancakes (or more!), add your topping and sauce of choice and even add ice cream for a dose of extra sweetness. They have some classics that remain on their pancake menu too, including Biscoff or Jammy Dodger – yummmmmy.

Address: 1 Brynhyfryd Square, Swansea SA5 9EB

Sam’s Cafe

breakfast cafe swansea
Source: Facebook, Sam’s Cafe

A go-to for Swansea students, Sam’s Cafe is located in the heart of Swansea city centre. Expect delicious homemade meals and a hearty breakfast to kick your day off right – packed with bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns and even fried potatoes! Get your friends together, chat about the night before, and indulge in plenty of food at this breakfast hotspot in Swansea.

Address: 128 Oxford St, Swansea SA1 3JW

The Cwtch

cwtch swansea breakfast
Source: Instagram @the_cwtch

This bar/cafe has some great breakfast options, including ‘The ‘Welsh”, featuring hash browns, cockles and laverbread. Their free range eggs also come from Fforest Isaf Farm, as The Cwtch strive to use local produce.

Their delicious breakfast is served between 9am and 11.30am, but if you’re a little late to the party, they do have a brunch menu served from 9am to 3pm – which includes beautiful pancakes. Choose from their house berry compote or smoked streaky bacon and maple syrup. They can also be made vegan upon request.

Address: 9 Caer St, Swansea SA1 3PP

Jack’s Kitchen

jacks kitchen swansea breakfast
Source: Facebook, Jack’s kitchen

With customers raving about Jack’s Kitchen being “the best breakfast place in the city centre,” it’s no surprise it has made our list as one of the best places for breakfast in Swansea!

While you’re there, you’ve got to get Jack’s Special breakfast, featuring two bacon, two pork sausages, beef burger (you read that right!), egg, chips, grilled tomato, mushrooms and onion rings. Do you think you can handle it?

Of course, they also have a smaller version if you’re not feeling mega hungry, as well as eggs benedict, omelette and even a breakfast baguette.

Address: 5-6 High Street, Swansea, SA1 1LE

Gershwins Coffee House

gershwins swansea
Source: Facebook, Gershwins Coffee House and Bistro

With nearly 400 positive reviews on Google, Gershwins Coffee House has plenty to offer when it comes to breakfast. Their ‘Mega Breakfast’ will set you back £9.45, but it’s more than enough with three bacon, three sausage, two eggs, mushrooms, hash browns, black pudding, fresh or tinned tomatoes, baked beans, two toast and bread and butter. A lot, huh?

You can also add extras, including local cockles, laverbread and even more black pudding or back bacon (if you’re feeling extra hungry!). You also get free tea or filtered coffee with all breakfasts before 11.30am Monday to Friday.

If you’re looking for good food, you’ve certainly found it at Gershwins Coffee House.

Address: 14 Nelson Street, Swansea, SA1 3QE

Crumbs Kitchen

crumbs kitchen
Source: Instagram @crumbskitchen_uplands

If you haven’t been to Crumbs Kitchen yet, you’re missing out! They offer predominantly vegetarian and vegan food, across breakfast, lunch and even delicious cakes.

If you’re looking for a vegan breakfast, look no further – their ‘Big Vegan’ will cure your hunger for sure, with hash, mushroom, spinach, avocado, beans, tomato, vegan sausage and toast.

They also offer a variety of add-ons, including smoked salmon, halloumi, tofu, mushrooms and tomatoes.

Address: 2 Gwydr Square, Uplands, Swansea SA2 0HD

Now you know where to head for the best breakfast Swansea has to offer, why not check out some great things to do at night, the best tattoo shops or even the best dog friendly spots!