The Gower Peninsula in Swansea is home to some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the country, and what better way to enjoy the beach than going swimming in the sea? If you’re new to the area or want to try something new, here are the best spots to go wild swimming near Swansea.

Caswell Bay

Caswell Bay Swansea

To start off the list is Caswell Bay, which is one of my favourite beaches near Swansea. This beach is perfect for swimming in the sea, as there are areas on the beach that are flagged meaning lifeguards are on watch. The view there is stunning, and it’s a pretty big beach, meaning there’s loads of room for people to swim. However, it does get pretty busy on sunny days and weekends, so if you are looking for a peaceful swim, your best bet is to go earlier in the morning or when the weather isn’t as sunny.

Brandy Cove

Brandy Cove Swansea

Apart from the amazing view, one of my favourite things about Brandy Cove is the name of it! This is a small and quiet beach that not many people know about, so it’s great if you’re looking for a bit more peace and quiet. This does mean that there are no lifeguards here, so it’s for people who are more experienced and confident swimming in the sea. Brandy Cove is also quite a rocky beach, so you will have to be wary of that whilst swimming there. There isn’t a car park for this beach, but parking in nearby village is available. It really is a cute little beach that you have to go check out, even if you don’t end up swimming there.

Three Cliffs Bay

Three Cliffs Bay Swansea

Three Cliffs Bay is one of Swansea’s most famous beaches, and if you’ve ever been there, then you’ll know why. When the tide is out, Three Cliffs Bay becomes a huge, sandy beach backed by three cliffs! This beach becomes busy in the summer months and on nice weekends, so just keep that in mind when visiting there. They do also have lifeguards on watch between May and September, so it’s a great place for people who are beginners at wild swimming. However, this is Swansea, not Spain, so it can get pretty windy here, which obviously isn’t great for swimming. But if you do end up going for a swim here, be sure to take some pictures, because it is an extremely photogenic beach.

Langland Bay

Langland Bay Swansea

Langland Bay is a smaller, sandy beach for wild swimming spots near Swansea. There is a direct bus from Swansea city centre, so it’s a very easy beach to get to with or without a car. It’s one of Swansea’s quieter beaches, as it is smaller, but it’s still a beautiful beach and very easy for people who want to try out wild swimming. There are also lots of little shops and food places nearby as well, making it a lovely little beach to go visit for the day.

Pwll Du Bay

Pwll Du Bay Swansea

Pwll Du Bay is another great wild swimming spot near Swansea. This beach is more pebbly than the others, but that doesn’t make too much of a difference if you’re only going there to swim anyway. This one is a bit more difficult to get to, with no car park and difficult terrain leading to the beach, but once you’re there it’s worth it. It is a small beach, and there are no lifeguards here, so that’s important to keep in mind if you do plan on swimming here.


Oxwich Bay Swansea

Oxwich Bay is the furthest beach away from Swansea, and it’s pretty difficult to get to without a car. However, it is a stunning beach and perfect for wild swimming in the sea. There are no lifeguards there, so again, another beach would probably be better if you are not a confident swimmer. This beach does get busy in the summer months, but the beach is huge, so there will always be quieter areas for swimming.

So, whether you end up going swimming or not, these beaches will not disappoint. If you’re wondering what else Swansea has to offer apart from the beach, read our article on 10 cheap things to do in Swansea for students!