Volunteering is an incredible way to make a change to other people’s lives as well as your own. It’s also just a great experience overall, and can help to fill out your CV, so there’s no reason why students shouldn’t try volunteering at some point in their life. If you’re studying in York and looking for some fun volunteering opportunities, we’ve found some of the best for you to try.

10 volunteering opportunities in York

If you’re looking for where you can volunteer in York, we’ve found some of the best places to start looking.

1. Join your York college committee

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Being a part of your college committee can be incredibly gratifying- you’re given the power to make events, work with the committee members from other colleges, and make your college a better place for all students. Speaking as the disability officer for my college, being able to make various communities feel more included in the university is incredibly heart-warming, and it’s allowed me to make so many new friends through networking with other colleges. Additionally, being a committee officer allows you to work on your leadership and communication skills- both of which look great to employers.

2. Volunteer with York Students in Schools

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The York Students in Schools (YSIS) connects you with local schools and nurseries to allow you to make a difference to the lives of young people in York. With various roles such as classroom assistant and transition support mentor, there are roles for everyone considering a future career in teaching or working with children. What’s more, all they ask is that you spend half a day each week for one semester supporting the children (training is included prior to this semester). If working with children is in your future, or you’re still exploring career paths, this is an amazing opportunity for you to get ahead of the game and gain experience in the most worthwhile way.

3. Join a community project

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The community projects run by the University of York are a great way to give back to your local community while building experience. The community projects face you with real-world challenges for local organisations, and there’s a community project for everyone. Supporting schools, museums and charities, you have the chance to conduct research, deliver events, and a whole range of other opportunities. If you’re looking for a broader volunteering opportunity in York that covers all bases, joining a community project is perfect for you.

4. Join the leadership team in your society

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Societies are a vital part of any student’s routine. They’re an easy way to meet new people while doing the things you love- and every year they run elections for their leadership team! Roles within the leadership teams often include social media managers, event coordinators, and speciality roles suited to each society. If you have a bit of extra time on your hands and want to work on your leadership skills, this volunteering opportunity in York would be perfect for you. Because they’re all run by students, joining a leadership team in a society may be a little less daunting than other opportunities; you’ll be working with and for people your age, making it a more relaxed environment. So if you enjoy a particular society and are looking for volunteering opportunities in York, why not give it a go?

5. Explore volunteering opportunities through Handshake

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Handshake is a brilliant site, showcasing jobs and volunteering opportunities aimed towards students. This website has plenty of volunteering listings available at any given time, and range from volunteering in exhibitions to being a wellbeing walk leader. Furthermore, this website allows you to talk directly to the businesses, allowing for clear communication and give you a chance to show off and start networking. Explore roles on Handshake and get volunteering opportunities in York now!

6. Volunteer at the Joseph Rowntree Theatre

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The Joseph Rowntree Theatre is a charity, built as a place for recreation and education. All the staff here are volunteers, which means you can volunteer in any job that you’d like. From box office work to support for marketing, the Joseph Rowntree Theatre has it all. It’s only a short bus ride away from the uni, making it a perfect volunteering choice for students, and the range of jobs means you can expand your CV for any job prospects.

7. Help young people through the Bookmark Reading Charity

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There is nothing that feels as rewarding as helping young people. The Bookmark Reading Charity is a great volunteering experience in York and anywhere else in the UK. With remote learning, you can help children to read from anywhere- including your bed (they’re really aiming at students here). Spend an hour a week helping a child with literacy and open them up to a world of opportunities! We all know the importance of education, and being given the opportunity to give education to others is a privilege. This volunteering role is great for anyone wanting a career in teaching or childcare. Just an hour a week can change a child’s life for the better, so there’s no reason to not consider this volunteering opportunity during your time at York.

8. Help out at the York Minster

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We all know and love the York Minster, so why not volunteer there? The Minster has a range of volunteering jobs, such as flower arrangers and children’s church leaders. You can even volunteer to help in the gorgeous Minster Gardens! This is an amazing way to learn more about the Minster and meet new people, as well as a discount in the gift shop. A short bus ride from the uni, the Minster is a popular attraction so volunteer there and you’ll never be bored!

9. Check out volunteering clubs through YUSU

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YUSU is often seen as the backbone of the Uni of York- it’s where we join societies! But, did you know that it also offers volunteering roles? Join clubs like KEEN, Nightsafe, and many many more. What’s more, many of these groups surround hobbies like crochet, shopping and music. These groups are a great way to get volunteering without leaving the uni, making it easy to get back to your accommodation. Again, there are many volunteering groups within the Uni of York, and so there’s something out there for every student.

10. Become a student writer with Unifresher

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Thinking about going into a job surrounding writing, editing, or publishing? Then volunteering with Unifresher is a perfect opportunity for you. You can choose how many articles you write per month, meaning that you can make sure the workload isn’t too heavy alongside uni. It’s also an amazing way to learn more about the city you’re living in – you never know how much there is out there until you’re writing an article on it! By volunteering with Unifresher, you’re able to help younger students have resources for choosing unis that you may not have had, which is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling to do. It’s also an amazing way to enhance your researching and writing skills, which is perfect for writing essays and being an academic weapon.

As you can see, York has plenty more volunteering options than you may think- there really is something out there for every student and their needs. You can also find out more about local food banks and how to help at one here. As a reward for all your hard volunteering work, why not check out our article on the 18 best free things in York for students? There’s nothing better than free stuff, so treat yourself.