The Best Student Letting Agencies in Edinburgh Revealed!

The Best Student Letting Agencies in Edinburgh in 2022 revealed

Living in Edinburgh and looking for a student house? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This collection of the best student letting agencies in Edinburgh in 2022 is a great place to start looking. Searching for a house can seem overwhelming at first – there are so many to choose from – but using the right letting agency can make the whole process, and the year or more that you’ll be living in the house, much easier and much less stressful. Edinburgh student letting agencies have everything from private studios for just you to huge 4 plus bedroom houses for you and all of your friends. Between the agencies on this list, you’re bound to find somewhere perfect for you!

1. Edinburgh Letting Centre

One of the best student letting agencies in Edinburgh, The Edinburgh Letting Centre has plenty of information on lettings for students and professionals, so they are a good starting point for letting, particularly if you are looking for a larger house – they have lots of information on renting and letting HMOs. It is important to know your rights when renting a larger house in terms of safety measures, so their website is a great reference point regardless of where you end up renting from.

Address: 162 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EN10 4ER

Phone: 0131 662 8035



2. Braemore

With plenty of experience in both sales and letting, Braemore has plenty of knowledge about the rental market and their HMO properties are popular among students. They work closely with landlords to make sure that all safety conditions are being met. Their houses are perfect for larger groups, although they will endeavour to help any students looking to rent a property in Edinburgh.

Address: Orchard Brae House, Queensferry Road, Edinburgh, EH4 2HS

Phone: 0131624 6666



3. Domus Lettings

As the University of Edinburgh’s dedicated student letting service, Domus is the perfect starting point for student renters, particularly those renting for the first time. Connected to the university, there is extra help there should you need disputes resolving or support in moving in, information about rent and deposits. Flats can be rented either by groups or individuals and there is a range of budget options. There are pros and cons with renting on the university service – they are popular, so groups of common sizes (4-7) may find sourcing a house competitive. However, there is a bit of extra reassurance when renting through your uni.

Address: 18 Holyrood Park Road, Edinburgh, EN16 5AY

Phone: 0131 667 1971



4. Southside Property Management

With an impressive portfolio of properties, Southside Property runs a variety of services for prospective tenants, including student housing. They can help with property searching and they have a range of professional housing if you plan on staying in Edinburgh for a career move. Their website is incredibly detailed, particularly useful if you and your friends are first-time renters. They have a dedicated list of HMOs, or smaller properties if you are a small group.

Address: 20 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EN8 9DH

Phone: 0131 51 000 51



5. Cullen Property

Cullen Property lists both student and professional properties in a variety of sizes and budget ranges. Their properties are in plenty of different areas – including Haymarket, Leith and Stenhouse – so this agency is likely to suit the majority of students in Edinburgh, regardless of where you need/want to live. They have a sizeable staff with many years of experience between them, making your property search much easier. They have been working in Edinburgh lettings for over twenty years.

Address: 30 Rutland Square, Edinburgh, EN1 2BW

Phone: 0131 221 1818



6. Umega Property 

Umega Properties understand that there are a number of universities in Edinburgh and students need to live in different locations around the city to suit this. They have properties in a variety of sizes, prices and locations, so you can likely find something to suit you with them. Their advice to landlords is published so you know what your landlord should be doing for you – and what you need to be doing in the property.

Address: 10 Lister Square, Edinburgh, EN3 9GL

Phone: 0131 221 0888



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