Coventry is home to peace, reconciliation, industry, innovation, and a new future. Many may think that Coventry becomes a ghost town once the students leave, and thus there are not many things to do. However, there is a lot you can get up to in Coventry, you just need to find the right places and people to go with. So, if you are ever in Coventry, here are 11 things to do in Coventry that you can do with your friends:

1. Planet Ice

Planet Ice Coventry
Planet Ice Coventry

This public ice rink gives everybody the chance to skate across an open area. Here both families and friends can meet to also view breath-taking ice shows and get moving with dance club nights. But no need to worry if you cannot dance on ice because coaching sessions will carefully guide you into this beautiful world of ice skating.

2. Fargo Village


A small community filled with shops, boutiques and more, will occupy your time in Coventry as you experience the small but delightful sequence of creative structures. Everyone is welcomed at this well-respected, celebrity hot spo

3. The Yard

The Yard opens every day from 10 am. It is a home for the LGBT community in Coventry and across the country. It provides entertainment for all with different events each day from performers ranging from singers, guest DJs and drag queens.

4. Odeon Cinema

Cinema coventry things to do as a student in the city

Enter the world of film in this nine-screen one-of-a-kind cinema hall that adds to your film experience. Watch anything ranging from romance to horror and make this experience an unforgettable part of your cinema of memories.

5. Wetherspoons (The Flying Standard)

Wetherspoons is always a great place to relax with friends. There are three Wetherspoons in Coventry, but I like this one the most because it is right in the city centre. As everyone knows, Wetherspoons is cheap, and with this branch, there are two floors and outside seating. It provides a casual and relaxing atmosphere with friendly staff.

6. SideQuest Hub

SideQuest hub Coventry things to do for students
Source: SideQuest Hub Instagram

Recently opened in 2022, SideQuest has quickly become a must-visit for any students in Coventry (that love gaming). It’s a hub with something for everyone. Where you can have fun in a race simulator, take part in solo or multiplayer games on high end PCs or playstation, play tabletop games, or go to their events.”
Oh and there’s lots of great food and Bubble Tea too.

SideQuest also have a selection of gaming hardware available for trial and purchase. This is a really great way of trying new systems out if you’re looking to upgrade your home gaming setup.

7. Pub Quizzes at Ivy House

Ivy House is a wonderful place to hang out on a Tuesday night for their weekly pub quiz. At Ivy house you can get into groups of up to six and take part in a pub quiz, competing for money. The money is a £1 fee from all competing teams. So, get down, have a drink or two with your mates and get quizzing!

8. Transport Museum

Transport Museum coventry
Source: Transport Museum coventry

If you are a fan of cars, motorbikes, and everything in between, the Transport Museum is the place for you. Here, you will be transported through two centuries worth of British vehicles, immersed in interactive galleries, and stunning exhibitions featuring these historic modes of transport. This place is the pride of Coventry, and somewhere that would be amazing to explore.

9. Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral – this Cathedral freezes time in place, as you explore the architectural designs of this private and medical parish. They offer the opportunity to pray from 11 am – 3 pm daily, so come and share a moment of peace with yourself and the world in Coventry Cathedral.

10. Herbert Art Gallery

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is a wonderful place to build up your knowledge on Coventry history. As well as the Coventry Archives, there are also permanent exhibitions about how the war affected the Coventry landscape, the history of Coventry centuries ago, and Myths/legends such as Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom are explained.

11. War Memorial Park

This beautiful tribute to WWI soldiers gives you the chance to share a moment of silence while strolling through the stunning 48.5 hectares of parkland. You can smell the greens while reflecting on the sacrifices made during the first world war. Visit this memorial park and make it a day to remember.

With Coventry being the City of Culture 2021, they pride themselves on the diversity and the vast number of things to do in the city. If you look around, you will find that the architecture of Coventry alongside the activities complement each other well so that you can enjoy both the old and new. Do not forget to give Coventry a visit – there’s lots of fun and unusual things to see there!