If you’ve lived in Coventry for quite a while, you may think you’ve done it all and seen everything. But there’s more to the city than meets the eye. There are plenty of unusual places to visit in and around Coventry, from weird museums to hidden gems. This list is a great place to start if you have families or friends visiting you, or if you’re just looking for something different to do. So why not work your way through it and tick of all the unusual places to visit in Coventry now!

1. The Coventry Watch Museum Project

The Coventry Watch Museum Project
Source: Coventry Watch Museum Facebook

Forget a different and unusual place to visit in Coventry, try travelling back to another era! The Coventry Watch Museum Project takes you back to the golden age of watchmaking in the city, which is pretty impressive. You can find out about the craftsmanship of the watches, as well as the rich history of the industry. The museum is run by volunteers who are passionate about watches, so if you have any burning questions about watchmaking – you know where to turn!

Address: 22A Spon Street, CV1 3BA

2. The Criterion Theatre

Criterion Theatre Coventry
Source: Criterion Theatre Coventry Facebook

The Criterion Theatre is an intimate and quirky venue showcasing a variety of plays and performances. It’s a different kind of vibe from larger, more mainstream theatres. This not-for-profit theatre, founded in 1955, has a charming atmosphere that promises an unforgettable experience for theatre lovers. With a diverse range of shows and a cosy bar, the Criterion Theatre is a must-visit for those looking for a unique cultural experience in Coventry.

Address: 249 Earlsdon Street, CV5 6EG

3. The Weaver’s House

The Weavers House
Source: The Weaver’s House

Tucked away at in the middle of the city, the Weaver’s House is a hidden gem that transports you back to the 16th century. This beautifully restored medieval building once belonged to a master weaver and now offers a glimpse into the lives of Coventry’s textile workers. It’s one of the most unusual places to visit in Coventry, as it’s like stepping into a time capsule. There’s original features such as the medieval wall paintings and the timber-framed structure, which really make it feel like another time!

Address: 121 Upper Spon Street, CV1 3BQ

4. Coventry Canal Basin

Coventry Canal Basin
Source: Coventry Canal Basin

If you’re searching for a peaceful escape within Coventry, the Canal Basin is both an unusual place to visit in the city, as well as peaceful. It’s the perfect place if you fancy a change of scenery, a nice walk or even a picnic by the water (if the weather lets you of course). The area is full of unique sculptures and artworks too, so it’s great if you’re into that kind of thing.

Address: St. Nicholas Street, CV1 4LY.

5. The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse Coventry

The Charterhouse is a stunning Grade I listed building that dates back to the 14th century. Originally a Carthusian monastery, the Charterhouse is now a thriving heritage center that hosts events, exhibitions, and workshops. The beautifully maintained gardens surrounding the property are perfect for a peaceful stroll, while the historic building itself offers a unique glimpse into the past.

Address: London Road, CV1 2JR

6. Coventry Music Museum

Coventry Music Museum
Coventry Music Museum

You probably wouldn’t think of Coventry being associated with music, which is why this is one of the most unusual places to visit in the city. But the Coventry Music Museum actually has some pretty interesting exhibitions. There’s one dedicated to the 90s, and another for 70s-80s. There’s also the Rude Boy’s Bedroom, which is a reconstruction of the early 80s. You can visit the interactive rooms as well as see what temporary exhibitions are on. You can also sit in the actual Ghost Town car as seen in the video for the hit Specials song! It’s definitely one of the best attractions in and top unusual places to visit in Coventry.

Address: 80 Walsgrave Road, CV2 4ED

7. The Phil Silvers Archival Museum

The Phil Silvers Archival Museum unusual places Coventry
The Phil Silvers Archival Museum Facebook

Dedicated to the life and career of the legendary American comedian Phil Silvers, this unique museum is situated in FarGo Village.  The museum is like a treasure trove of memorabilia, providing insight into his life. It’s not the most well-known attraction in Coventry, which is why it’s one of the more unusual places to visit. But it’s a great day out, and there’s also a vintage emporium nearby full of things to see and buy.

Address: Far Gosford Street, CV1 5ED

8. Coventry Transport Museum

Coventry Transport Museum
Source: Coventry Transport Museum

If you happen to like cars and transport, this is a great unusual places to visit in Coventry. The collection at Coventry Transport Museum shows the evolution of British transport, with over 240 cars bikes and other vehicles to look at. You can also find iconic vehicles such as the ThrustSSC, the first car to break the sound barrier, here as well as interactive displays and more.

Address: Millennium Place, Hales Street, CV1 1JD

9. The Lunt Roman Fort

Lunt Roman fort unusual places to visit in Coventry
Lunt Roman Fort

Step back in time to the Roman era with a visit to the Lunt Roman Fort. This unique archaeological site features a partially reconstructed Roman fort that provides a glimpse into life in Roman Britain. You can explore the granary, barracks, and ramparts, as well as the exceptional gyrus, a circular structure believed to have been used for horse training.  It’s one of the most unusual places to visit in Coventry, but it’s important to check ahead as it’s only open on select dates.

Address: Coventry Rd, Baginton, CV8 3AJ

10. Fargo Village

FarGo Village Coventry
Source: FarGo Village Coventry Instagram

For another unusual and different experience in Coventry, Fargo Village is one of the places that has a bit of everything.  This creative hub is home to an eclectic mix of independent retailers, artists, and food vendors, offering an alternative shopping and dining experience in Coventry. You can spend hours browsing quirky boutiques, vintage shops, and artisan studios, while enjoying delicious street food from around the world. There’s lots of events too, from art exhibitions, live music and workshops, so you can easily spend lots of time here.

Address: Far Gosford Street, CV1 5ED.

Coventry is a city full of surprises, with a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene that offers something for everyone. From hidden gems like the Weaver’s House and the Phil Silvers Archival Museum to the stunning Charterhouse and the picturesque Coventry Canal Basin, these 10 unusual places to visit in Coventry offer something different to do. If you’re still feeling uninspired and want more ideas, check out our article on things to do in Coventry.

Last Updated on June 13, 2024