Coventry provides many places for you to enjoy your date nights whilst exploring more of the historic city. COVID-19 may be putting our dates on temporary hold, but that does not stop you from finding cheap dates for when places are open in Coventry. Here are 10 cheap date nights in Coventry:

1. Coventry Glides

Starting with a seasonal date option, we have the Coventry Glides which happens every year outside the Coventry Cathedral ruins. If you are interested in becoming a professional figure skater with your date this winter, this is the place to start. With tickets at just £5, this is the perfect beginning to your Christmas themed dates, glide in style.

2. Teezers Mini Golf

cheap date nights in coventry teezers golf
Source: Teezers Facebook

Interested in golf but not ready to embarrass yourself in front of your date? Teezers Mini Golf brings the crazy fun to you, so you do not need to worry about making a fool of yourself. No prior golf experience needed; this forms the perfect date night with some flirty competition alongside it. Enjoy mid-day to early morning in this crazy golf experience with clubhouse cocktails and street food. Let the games begin.

3. Escape Reality

Escape Reality
Source: Escape Reality | Escape Rooms Instagram

If you and your date are the types of people to do a lot of thinking, then this escape room is for you. Escape Reality will get you and your date immersed, thinking and laughing. Try working out how to escape under a time limit, solving puzzles and working on intuition. After all, who does not like getting trapped in a room with their crush?

4. Go Karting

Go Karting

Do you and your date like a little competition? Go Karting will release that competitive fire in the both of you with their fast-paced, 500m racing circuit. Have your heart racing with this adrenaline-pumping environment that is bound to get you both smiling and giggling on your date.

5. Wetherspoons


Probably one of the cheapest and easiest dates available in Coventry, enjoy drinks at the Earl of Mercia Wetherspoons. With two pitchers for £12.50, you will both be laughing over shared personal stories and jokes. Do not forget the meals on offer! From bites which are £3, you can get to know your date in the most casual way.

6. Odeon Cinema

Odeon Cinema
Source: Wikipedia

Another simple date is the Odeon Cinema in Coventry. With affordable tickets, find yourself and your date watching a romcom on a Tuesday night. There is a wide selection of movies to choose from and a Harvester next door if you need plans for dinner!

7. Transport Museum

Find out about the history of transport in the Coventry Transport Museum. Here you can immerse yourself in quick interactive activities that are fun and engaging. The Coventry Transport Museum is a must if you are having a date in Coventry, with such a rich history you would not want to pass up the opportunity to visit this museum with your date. Do not forget to visit the gift shop!

8. Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin Bowling
Source: Pexels

To keep the competitive spirit going, why not try Ten Pin Bowling? Bowling is always a great idea for a first or second date, keeping up competitiveness and interesting conversations about each other’s techniques. Create amazing memories, and one of you might be able to crown yourself an unofficial professional bowler.

9. The Botanist

The Botanist
Source: The Botanist Instagram

The Botanist is a great cheap date night if you are looking for affordable luxury. This sequence of entertainment will provide you with live music, food, and drinks, creating a space for you to relax, while soaking up the beauty of the natural greens of the garden.