Looking to experience the best food that Coventry has to offer (without leaving the house.) Then you’re in luck because we have come up with a list of the best takeaways in Coventry for you to enjoy.

1. Coventry Kebab House

Coventry Kebab House
Source: Coventry City Centre

At Coventry Kebab House you can enjoy a fast delivery whilst you stay cosy at home. Enjoy a selection of kebabs to take away as well as fried chicken and chips. Their menu gives an interesting twist on wraps – creating kebab wraps which leave you wanting more.

2. Dixy Chicken

Dixy Chicken Coventry
Source: Restaurant Guru

Dixy Chicken is a popular choice for takeaways, known for their signature crispy chicken and chunky chips. If you are feeling for something to satisfy your hunger quickly, Dixy Chicken is the one for you.

3. Golden Kitchen

Golden Chicken Coventry
Source: Golden Chicken

Golden Kitchen is a wonderful Chinese takeaway that provides not only Chinese but also Thai food. They provide a selection of food to choose from in Coventry, using only the freshest ingredients. With their easy-use screen menu, you will not find yourself lost on what to order yourself for your night in!

4. Chicken Cottage

Chicken Cottage Coventry
Source: Coventry City Centre

Like Dixy Chicken, Chicken Cottage is a popular choice for fried chicken but also burgers! Chicken Cottage provides some of the tastiest selection of fried chicken at an affordable price. This is one of the top choices if you want a quality take away or you are just passing through the city centre.

5. Eastern Fried Chicken

If you are not tired of fried chicken yet, Eastern Fried Chicken provides you with a range of options from chicken wings to pizza! This takeaway provides delicious food, suitable for lunch or dinner and all at an affordable price.

6. Lucky Star Chinese Takeaway

Lucky Star Chinese Coventry
Source: Trip Advisor

Lucky Star Chinese provides some of the finest Chinese cuisine delivered straight to your doorstep. This takeaway has one of the most varied menus available, giving you the option to try something new. Lucky Star Chinese Takeaway brings the flavours of China, spreading diversity across Coventry.

7. Domino’s

Dominos Coventry
Source: Coventry Telegraph

A personal favourite for takeaway is Domino’s pizza. With affordable deals you are guaranteed to be happy with, order a feast from Domino’s pizza to share with your flatmates or just keep all to yourself! Do not forget the tasty sides you can get as a part of your Pizza deal; Domino’s makes sure to fill you up!

8. Rose of Bengal

Take a trip to India when you order from Rose of Bengal. With authentic Indian flavours and cuisine, you will not be let down but the variety of diversity you’ll be introduced to from this particular takeaway. Rose of Bengal used fresh ingredients to provide a fulfilling meal that is certain to brighten your day. This is a takeaway that always delivers.

9. Roasty Peri Peri

Roasty's Peri Peri
Source: Roasty’s Facebook

Wanting to try something spicy? Roasty Peri Peri has got you. A wonderful combination of grilled and roasted feasts for you to enjoy for your takeaway at home. Take a break from fried chicken and try grilled instead. Roast Peri Peri is creative and fun when it comes to their menu, giving you an option to try something new.

10. Torino’s

Torino's Coventry
Source: Torino’s Coventry Facebook

Torino’s Pizza competes against Domino’s with their variety in pizza and sides. This takeaway is made with love, ready to be delivered at your doorstep asap. Unlike Domino’s, Torino’s expands much further than their main dish of pizza, and they also sell burgers, wraps, pasta, and chicken. Give Torino’s a try with their varied menu!

A lot of takeaways in Coventry have fried chicken, but that does not mean you should not try something new occasionally! Coventry is City of Culture 2021 so there is always a diverse selection of cuisines to order from. Which is your favourite?