Whether you want a dynamic workout or something to do on a rainy day, indoor climbing is a fun activity to try. Edinburgh has several fantastic quality climbing gyms, ready for you to scale, clamber and scramble up! We’ve compiled a list of climbing centres in Edinburgh, each one a different challenge but guaranteed fun!

Alien rock (alien one)

climbing centres in Edinburgh
Source: Alien Rock.co.uk

If roped climbing is your ideal scaling method, then why not try out Alien rock? As Scotland’s first dedicated indoor climbing centre, this place has a lot of experience in facilitating rock climbers of all abilities. Whether you are a regular Adam Ondra or just starting out, Alien rock will welcome you with open arms!

Alien rock is located on Pier Place in Newhaven and is easy to reach on bus routes 7, 10, 11, 16 and N11. For an adult to climb it costs £9.50 during off-peak times. However if you’re a full time student, this will be £8, or £10 during peak hours. However, if you have never climbed before, you will need to complete a beginner’s course, which is priced at £52.50 per person.

Address: 8 Pier Pl, Newhaven, Edinburgh EH6 4LP

Alien bloc

climbing centres in Edinburgh
Source: Alien bloc, Instagram 

The sister gym to Alien rock, Alien bloc is a climbing centre that is specifically for bouldering. This centre is much more beginner-friendly, with no ropes and walls only up to 4.7 metres high (don’t worry, there a crash mats fitted throughout the centre!). Although a bit further from Alien rock at Dunedin Street, Alien bloc is still accessible by multiple bus routes. Coinciding with its sister gym, Alien bloc will set adults back £9.50 during off-peak times and £11.00 during peak times. Like Alien rock, if you’re a full time student, this will be £8 and £10 respectively.

Address: 23 Dunedin St, Edinburgh EH7 4JG

Eden Rock Edinburgh

Eden Rock Edinburgh
Source: Eden Rock Edinburgh Instagram

Scotland’s biggest indoor climbing centre is perfect for climbers of every ability! If you are a novice, Eden Rock runs an Induction course that teaches you everything you need to know! Alternatively, you can attend with an experienced friend who can supervise you on the walls. If you’re tired after climbing, you can head into their eco-friendly café onsite! And when you get hooked to climbing, why not visit their specialist climbing shop for some chalk and shoes of your own?

Address: Edgefield Road Industrial Estate, Loanhead EH20 9TB

Edinburgh International Climbing Arena

climbing centres in Edinburgh
Source: Edinburgh Leisure.co.uk/activities/climb

The EICA is not only a well-equipped climbing centre, but also the largest indoor climbing centre in Edinburgh and in Europe! Featuring a bouldering room, gym and climbing walls, the EICA is perfect for exploring your climbing ability. Everyone who is new to the centre must fill out the registration form, but once that is complete you are free to climb to your heart’s content! For a young adult membership, which includes access to swim, gym, and climb, it will cost you £27.50 per month.

Address: South Platt Hill, Newbridge EH28 8AA

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Last Updated on June 18, 2024