People of Salford University, your complaints have been heard. You and your overdrafts are sick of getting Ubers to Manchester to have a good night out – believe me I feel the same. When it comes to nights out where is our Salford pride? Maybe you’ve searched the Shopping City and scoured Peel Park for the faint whiff of a good time, to no avail. Look no further! Here is my concise list of the 10 best student bars and pubs in Salford. And if you’re feeling brave, follow the map at the end for a great pub crawl across all the student bars and pubs in Salford I’ve listed. 

1. Hidden 


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To me, Hidden has always felt like a myth, whispered to me over gatherings. Hidden is just over the Irwell from Victoria Station. A club that truly embodies what Manchester has been missing since the closure of the Hacienda in 1997. With multiple floors of madness, Hidden is truly a hidden gem of the local club scene, holding a rave-like style. They host plenty of local DJs and are an experience not to be missed when studying in Salford. One thing I have noted about Hidden is that it is a favourite of Manchester students as well, now Salford students, we can’t let them have all of Manchester and some of the best of Salford too.  

 Address: 16-18 Mary Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, M3 1NH

2. The Star 

The Star Inn from Facebook
Source: The Star Inn Facebook

If you hate the machine and love a collective community, you will love this pub. Cooperatively owned for 13 years pop down and meet the people that keep this Salford student pub alive. If you’re spending your time off campus The Star Inn is only a wander away. Whether you love a good pub quiz (with only £1 entry), trying out a hand-pull ale or watching sport there will be a seat for you in this community.  

Address: 2 Back Hope St, Salford M7 2FR

3. Dock Yard 

In the heart of Media City Dockyard ranks highly among Student Bars in Salford
Source: The Dockyard Facebook

Often called the heart of Media City, Dockyard is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Hailing an upmarket space with a range of drink options, it’s a great night out for you and your mates. Sat between the University’s Media City Campus, BBC, and ITV what more could you want for an atmosphere over an ice-cold beer? Dockyard regularly host events, sports viewings, and quizzes too. With a student discount readily available Dockyard is a great all-round pub, with an impressive clientele. Don’t believe me, pop down, buy a pint and maybe sit with a celeb. 

 Address: Media City, DockHouse, Salford M50 2EQ

4. The Kings Arms 

Possibly the most famous of student bars in Salford - The Kings Arms
Source: The Kings Arms Facebook

Culture lovers you will appreciate this one. The Kings Arms famously appeared as the gang’s student bar in hit comedy Fresh Meat. But not only that, unlike other student bars in Salford, this one-of-a-kind pub was previously owned by Paul Heaton of The Beautiful South. Although it’s no longer under his care, this pub runs rich with a history and passion for local culture. The Kings Arms has a beautiful exterior and competitive beer prices, you’re sure to have a brilliant night in this student bar/pub in Salford. 

 Address: 11 Bloom St, Salford M3 6AN

5. The White Hotel 

The White Hotel in Salford, a notoriously hard to find student bar
Source: Deadmanjones, Flickr

This personally is up there with my favourite student bars in Salford. The White Hotel is a music venue and bar, a truly unique space. If you like grungy basement locations that feel like underground rave this is the place for you. A repurposed factory in an industrial estate just a short walk-through Peel Park, The White Hotel provides you with an independent drinking experience that you’ll bring your closest mates to and gatekeep from anyone else. 

 Address: Dickinson St, Salford M3 7LW

6. The New Oxford  

The New Oxford student pubs in Salford
Source: The New Oxford Salford Facebook

The New Oxford is currently undergoing a renovation that is set to bring them back to their Victorian roots. Chapel Street hosts this untapped gem of student bars in Salford. With a variety of beers, you won’t find elsewhere from Watou to Leffe and my personal favourite drinks Lilleys Somerset Ciders. For the adventurous spirit The New Oxford is a cheap alternative to a plane ticket across the channel while still having the classic British pub atmosphere. 

Address: 11 Bexley Square, Salford M3 6DB

7. The Wandering Palate

For those with a more acquired taste, or perhaps those looking to convince their parents they haven’t spent the whole of term in clubs and libraries, The Wandering Palate is an alternative choice for student bars in Salford. Ok it’s not strictly in Salford, but it’s only a 15-minute drive from Salford University. If you’re still unsure which wine pairs with a fine aged blue cheese you won’t leave The Wandering Palate without that knowledge. If you find yourself a frequent Nando’s offender with hinge dates and or want to kick off the third date with a bang, wander over to Monton and expand your Wandering Palate. 

Address: 191 Monton Rd, Eccles, Manchester M30 9PN 

8. Lime Bar

The most classic, student bar experience on the list
Source: Lime Bar Twitter

Described by a staff member as “Media City’s best-kept secret” I cannot list the 10 best student bars in Salford without mentioning the one I frequent on lunch breaks or for post lecture pints. Lime Bar is extremely upmarket and hip as you must be when in Media City while boasting extremely great prices. It’s a great option for food if you fancy trying some Umagi Sushi, who frequently offer sales to students. While Lime seems to always find some variety of sport to show and fills up when the right football games are showing it also can be the perfect place for a study break, or a fun catch-up with friends. While you’re there, challenge yourself to see if you can recognise all the famous faces pictured around the bar – I guarantee you will be coming back for a second round when you can’t guess them all. 

Address: Unit G1, The Quays, Salford M50 3AG

9. The Old Pint Pot 

The Old Pint Pot Salford
Source: The Old Pint Pot Facebook

As student bars in Salford go, this one is definitely one of the most popular; especially in summer. In fact on hot summer days towards the end of the year you have to head down before the heat to get a spot in the beer garden. The Pint Pot is great all year round though. Often hosting local musicians for cheap prices if you fancy a quick and easy night out it’s the place to go.  The Pint Pot even offers pub-to-club on certain weeknights, granting you free entry into the lovely 42s. 

Address: Adelphi St, Salford M3 6EN

10. The Old Fire Station

The final choice for Student Bars in Salford,

 The Old Fire Station is a new addition to the student bars in Salford and will hopefully stand the test of time. Owned by the university the repurposed Fire Station just off campus has become a hub for local traders, students and Salfordians alike. With café favourites and craft brews the old fire station does not disappoint and its beautiful inside and out. Not only would this be a great place for friends to meet up for a chilled drink and to sample some food from the rotating traders, but you could bring your parents here to wow them with the delights of  Salford.  

Address: 47 Albion Pl, Crescent, Salford M5 4NL

If you fancy checking any of the student bars on this list out, or attempting a pretty vast pub crawl, whatever floats your boat, I have lovingly crafted you a map to make the trip easy for you.

So now you’ve found the best student bars and pubs in Salford. I don’t want to hear any more complaints about heading into Manchester for a decent night out. If you can travel to Manchester to get loco in 42s on a Thursday or spend your Rec nights in the SU (subtly left off the list for fear of student bar boredom) then you can definitely brave the streets of Salford to discover the best of what your lovely neighbours have to offer.  Or if you’d rather stick to what you know and head back into Manchester for your next night on the town click here to find out where to go for cheap drinks in Manchester.

Right all this talk of the student bars in Salford has got my mouth watering, I think it’s time for a pint.