Drinking is a part of student life for so many students, but unfortunately living in a city can be expensive. That’s why knowing which bars are actually cheap but also a good place to go is important. These are questions which are hard to answer when just looking at google. So we’ve done the work for you, with our list of the best places to go for cheap drinks in Manchester.


cheap drinks manchester
Source: Printworks-Manchester

Located in Printworks, Walkabout is an Aussie-themed bar in Manchester, which is best for cheap drinks and good nights. With pints starting at £2.50, and cocktails from £6.45, how can it get any cheaper? Well, it can, as they are partnered with Uni Crew, which offers 10% off on drinks and food when you sign up here.

The Moon Under Water

cheap drinks manchester
Source: JD Wetherspoon

Wetherspoon is a pinnacle of British culture and The Moon Under Water is one of the best places to go for cheap drinks in Manchester. With 3 beers for £6, this is perfect for pre-drinks in Manchester or even just a cheap drink with your lunch. They also have a large selection of spirits and cocktails, so give this pub a try!

The Temple

Where to go for cheap drinks in Manchester
Source: Bazonka, WikiCommons

Located on Manchester’s Oxford Road and a little underground, The Temple has cheap drinks and a great atmosphere. The Temple is a refurbished Victorian public toilet, with a jukebox and a global beer selection. Combining its great location and a pint for only £2.50, this is the perfect place to go for cheap drinks before heading out to the rest of Manchester.

The Liquor Store

cheap drinks manchester
Source: The Liquor Store Manchester Facebook

With some of the best deals in the city, The Liquor Store is a must when you’re looking for cheap drinks in Manchester. Located just next to Deansgate, the vintage liquor signs and brick-exposed walls set the perfect mood, and with a range of music, you’ll never be bored. With a huge selection of cocktails, from Walking Dead-inspired to music-themed drinks, there are plenty of choices to enjoy.


courtyard manchester cheap drinks
Source: The Courtyard

Cocktails at Courtyard start at just £2.50! Or you can get a jug for £9 and share it with friends! From classic cocktails to gin and tonics to Jäger bombs, Courtyard offers some of the best cheap drinks in Manchester! Named Courtyard, as all the seating is outside, this is the perfect place to visit and enjoy the fresh air and a pint (or two). A five-minute walk from the universities, Courtyard is frequently visited by students and is definitely a must-visit for any cheap night out in Manchester.


cheap drinks manchester
Source: Hatch

Hatch is home to several bars in Manchester, all of which offer cheap drinks and great student discounts. Technically outdoors, but with heaters around to keep you warm, there are plenty of different traders located in Hatch. They’re not just bars either, but also food venues and even clothes retailers. Check out these bars serving cheap drinks below:

  • Miami Vice: Miami Vice has a range of different student discounts. For example, they offer a malibu and mixer for only £4.50 or 2 long island cocktails for £12.
  • Öl Brewery and Bar: With spirits from £3.50 and a large collection of draughts and craft beers starting at only £2.10, Öl offers plenty of different and delicious drinks.

The Footage

cheap drinks in manchester
Source: Footage

The Footage is an art deco bar which has loads of different cheap drinks offers. Not only do they have 2-for-1 cocktails but you can also get a pizza and drink for only £9. They are also partnered with Uni Crew so you can get 10% off drinks and a further 20% off of food. The Footage also shows a variety of sports including the premier league, so if you fancy a cheap drink in Manchester and a bit of football, The Footage is perfect.

Banyan Spinningfields

Where to go for cheap drinks in Manchester
Source: Banyan

Looking for cheap cocktails? Banyan Spinningfields has got you covered, with everything from classics like martinis to their own unique cocktails, and with a 2-for-1 deal, you just have to try them. If you’re looking for a sober night out, or just don’t fancy a hangover in the morning, Banyan does mocktails with prices starting from £4.25, so there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a good drink for a price you’ll love.

With the drinks so cheap in Manchester, you’ll definitely end up with a hangover the next day. But don’t worry because here is our list of bottomless brunches in Manchester to cure your hangover.