To celebrate the release of the film Barbie, Yugo, a leading provider of student accommodation, has reimagined various student accommodation facilities inspired by the iconic Barbie Dream Home.

Barbie inspired student accommodation
St. Crispin’s House – Norwich

These images use real Yugo properties from across the UK, transformed into a Malibu Barbie home – and yes everything is pink! It’s a mix of creativity and imagination mixed with what students would actually need. So it’s half realistic and half crazy!

As you can see, the Barbie re-imagined version of St Crispin’s House in Norwich (above) includes a pink exterior and the iconic stiletto in the garden. Don’t miss the pink jeep parked up too!

And it’s not just the outside, but Yugo have also thought of bedrooms that combine chic furniture with glamorous accessories. They’re each unique and try to capture the Barbie magic.

barbie student bedrooms
Ablett House – Liverpool

They’ve also tried to recreate kitchens and communal areas, carrying on the pink theme. In the kitchen featured below that uses Park Court in Lincoln, you can see a mix of pink hues as well as all the necessities like utensils and tea towels. Can you see the three tier Barbie pink cake snuck in there too?

Interiors - student accommodation inspired by Barbie
Park Court – Lincoln]

Obviously the rooms are not real and maybe a tad too…pink for some if they were real, but they show how student accommodation can be playfully reimagined and redecorated.

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