Whether you’re moving to Sheffield soon or moving back home, this list compiling all the best things you must do in Sheffield will help you make the most of your time in the Steel City.  So in no particular order, here’s our list of things to do in Sheffield.

1. Ride the Paternoster

best things to do in sheffield
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The Paternoster is a unique type of lift that has no doors and moves around without stopping. It is located in the Arts Tower on the University of Sheffield campus, which is also the tallest academic building in the UK.

2. Visit the Nottingham House

the best places to eat in sheffield
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The Nottingham House, or Notty House as it is locally known, is home to the best pies in Sheffield. It has options for everyone, even veggies and vegans, with their pie menu updated daily.

3. Go to your uni’s most popular club nights

the best clubs in sheffield
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At Uni of, the student favourite nights are Pop Tarts and Roar whereas Hallam loves Hallamnation and Tank. Club nights both unis love include Club Tropicana at the Leadmill and Yellow Arch Studio.

4. Do a bar/pub crawl down West Street

West Street is home to loads of bars such as West Street Live, Tiger Works and Bierkeller. West Street Live serves unique drinks such as Choco Milkos (vodka and chocolate milk) and Chuck Norrises (vodka and hot sauce) whilst Tiger Works is famous for its bargain £5 round. Whether you fancy doing pub golf or just a standard bar crawl, West Street is a must. Check out our list of the best bars here.

5. Try a Bar One Burger

This one is for Uni of people mainly as you can only try a these burgers in the Uni of’s SU bar, Bar One. But they really are worth it. Try the California to get the most bang for your buck or Black and Gold if you feel like showing your Sheff love through food.

6. Go to Varsity

This is the biggest event of the year and a MUST for all Sheff students. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket to Ice Hockey, that’s the epitome of varsity but other events such as the football and Sports Park are great too.

7. Visit the Peaks

the best hiking trails in sheffield
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The Peaks are so close by, and visiting them is a great way to have a ramble and relieve some stress. Easy spots to get to include Stanage Edge, Bakewell and more spots easily accessible by bus or train.

8. Swim in Crookes Valley Park

the best outdoor swimming in sheffield
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Yes, it’s not the cleanest of ponds, but it is a rite of passage to swim in CVP before chilling on your flamingo float in the summer heat.

9. Watch the sunset at Bole Hills or Sheaf Valley Park

the best places to watch the sunset in sheffield
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Grab a bottle of wine or some beers to watch the sunset over the Steel City. It can get pretty busy as it’s a popular spot so make sure to come early.

10. Go to Nam Song

Previously called Five Rivers, this Vietnamese inspired cafe/restaurant is so pretty and unique, it’s a must to get an Instagram worthy photo with its hanging lanterns.

11. Visit Mayfield Alpaca Farm

where to see alpacas in sheffield
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Mayfield Alpaca Farm is located just off from Forge Dam heading out into the Peak District. Walk from Endcliffe Park through Porter Brook and Forge Dam before heading up a steep hill with great views to reach the alpacas on foot or grab an uber/bus.

12. Check out Sheffield’s independent coffee shops

the best coffee in sheffield
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Sheffield has so many great cafes and coffee shops such as Steam Yard, Marmadukes, Tamper and more. All sell a great range of coffee, cakes and more.

13. Get brunch

the best brunch in sheffield
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There are loads of lovely brunch options in Sheffield. Our favourite is Cabin as it has a great range of pancakes, sweet and savoury as well as sandwiches and cakes. If you’re looking for a bottomless brunch, Birdhouse is a great option with loads of choices for veggies and vegans and a wealth of cocktails to choose from. Check out our list of the best bottomless spots in Sheffield.

14. Do the Street Art Trail

street art sheffield
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Sheffield is home to so much great street art from artists like Pete McKee and Phelgm. If you go to Hallam, you’re lucky as a lot of the street art is on your campus or nearby. Our favourite is probably Pete McKee’s Muriel Mural but check out the full route here.

15. Visit Our Cow Molly

the best ice cream in sheffield
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Our Cow Molly is Sheffield’s only creamery. Students could walk there via the lovely Rivelin Valley Trail or go in the car to enjoy some ice cream overlooking the countryside and cows.

16. Check out Sheffield’s pubs

Sheffield is an up and coming beer hotspot with loads of breweries and trendy pubs. Have a look at our article about which are the best to check out here.

17. Visit Peddler Market

This market, located in Kelham Island, is a collection of food trucks which changes everytime you go so you get to try loads of great food.

18. Check out the bars/pubs at Kelham Island

There’s plenty of bars, pubs and restaurants in Kelham Island, the rejuvenated industrial area of the city. Head to Piña if you love Mexican food, Church if you’re veggie, the Fat Cat if you love a traditional pub or Inc for a rooftop experience.

Pictured: a film showing of Romeo + Juliet at Church

19. Visit the Winter Gardens and Peace Gardens

the best gardens in sheffield
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In the centre of Sheffield, the Peace Gardens are hard to miss, but you must also look out for the Winter Gardens just next door. The unique indoor gardens host a range of tropical plants and artwork, but don’t forget to check out the independent shops and the museum inside too.

20. Have a picnic or BBQ in one of Sheffield’s many parks

Our favourites include Crookes Valley Park, Endcliffe Park and Bole Hills. Bole Hills is best for views, CVP for a swim and Endcliffe for dog spotting.

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21. Go to a local festival

There are quite a few festivals that take place in Sheffield. Tramlines is probably one of the biggest, but there’s also Get Together, Festival of the Outdoors and lots of others than celebrate music, activities, communities and so on. As you’re already in Sheffield, it’s well worth going to some of these because they really are nice ways to try different things locally.

We hope you enjoy Sheffield as much as we have and get exploring!