In recent years, street food has become a fan favourite among hipsters, influencers and sellers. It’s attracted people to restaurants from the markets of Camden to the alleyways of York. But what is there on offer in Southampton? We’ve got a list of Southampton’s best street food.

6. Thai Street Cafe

Location: 3 Pound Tree Rd, Southampton, United Kingdom

Price range: £3 – £8

street food southampton
Source: Deliveroo

This Thai street food cafe has a range of delicious options, from curries and rice to stir-fries and starters. Order online through Deliveroo or call to collect. Rated 5 stars on Facebook and 4.7 on Deliveroo, they’re clearly a great choice for street food in Southampton.

5. Lakaz Maman

Location: 22 Bedford Place, Southampton SO15 2DB

Price range: £3 – £15

lakaz maman street food southampton
Source: Alice Anne

As well as being a full-time restaurant, Lakaz Maman, a Mauritian street kitchen, serves ‘graze boxes’. These boxes hold food for up to 4 adults and cost £29.95, and hold chilli cakes, samosas, hummous, tortilla chips, wraps, and dessert. Alternatively, order from the main menu for gajaks, wraps, burgers and sides.

4. Kwackers

Location: West Quay Shopping Centre, Southampton, SO15 1QF

Price range: £5 – £9

kwackers street food southampton
Source: West Quay

Kwackers has a menu completely base around shredded duck. It has taken the city by surprise and its fusing of the East and West has proved a huge success. It was founded in 2014 and the duck burgers and wraps topped with Asian slaw are to die for!

3. Thaikun 

Location: Watermark Development, Southampton, SO15 1DE

Price range: £6 – £15

thaikun southampton
Source: Thaikun

Just outside of West Quay, Thaikun is a great place to enjoy some delicious street food and relax and unwind! It has vegan options, classic Thai meals and some modern twists. Plus, all the food is really colourful that your eyes get a treat too.

2. Mexifun 

Location: 121 East Street, Southampton, SO14 3HD

Price range: £5 – £12

mexifun street food southampton
Source: Deliveroo

Mexican food is the perfect choice to satisfy your craving for street food. Whether you want some tacos, nachos, rice, enchiladas, quesadillas, burgers, glazed wings or a dessert, Mexifun has a fantastic range. All of their food is cooked well, with tasty ingredients and a brilliant amount of spices.

1. Dhaba 59

Location: 59 Lodge Road, Southampton SO14 6RH

Price range: £4.95 – £15

Dhaba 59 street food
Source: HDL Food and Culture

Dhaba 59 is a traditional Indian street food restaurant with a huge range of food available. You can enjoy traditionally cooked chilli paneer, jeera wings, masala chops and even crispy gobi. Finish it off with some limca and naan bread, and you’re going to be in heaven.