The best coffee shops in Swansea to study in

The best coffee shops in Swansea to study in

One of my favourite places to study in Swansea is in coffee shops and cafes. If you’re like me, and get too distracted doing work at home, then leaving the house and going to a coffee shop is great for motivation. If you’re a new student and want to know the best coffee shops in Swansea to study in, then we have made the perfect list for you so read on for our recommendations.


Address: Basekamp, Kings Ln, Swansea SA1 2AQ

Basekamp is one of my favourite places to go to study. It’s an internet cafe, so you have access to free wifi, and it’s a place many people go to pull out their laptop and do some work. They do the best milkshakes, coffees, and bagels, so if you find yourself hungry, they have you covered. It’s right in the town centre, so it’s a convenient place to visit as well. The cafe has a modern feel to it, and they have the cutest dog, so obviously it’s somewhere I visit often.

Basekamp, coffee shops in Swansea to study in
Source: Instagram, @basekampswansea

Brynmill Coffee House

Brynmill Coffee House, 31 Langland Terrace, Brynmill, Swansea SA2 0BB

Brynmill Coffee House is a small cafe right in-between Brynmill park and Singleton park. The milkshakes and hot drinks are my favourite things about this cafe, and it’s somewhere really nice to sit down and get some work done. Brynmill is a popular place for student houses, so it’s really convenient for the students who live close by. It’s also a 5 minute walk from campus, so if you find that the library is too loud or if you fancy a change of scenery, then it’s definitely somewhere to try out!

Brynmill coffee house, coffee shops in Swansea to study in
Source: Instagram, @brynmillcoffeehouse

Waterstones Cafe

Waterstones, 17 Oxford St, Swansea SA1 3AG

Waterstones Cafe is another one of the best coffee shops in Swansea to study in. The cafe is comfortable, with sofas and cozy chairs with tables, making it easy to do some work, read, or have a chat with a friend. They have a great selection of cakes, and my favourite thing to get there is the hot chocolate and carrot cake. And if you’re fed up of work, they have the best selection of books for you to read. It being in the centre of town also makes it convenient to pop in and visit.

Waterstones cafe swansea, coffee shops in Swansea to study in
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Hoogah, 68 Brynymor Rd, Swansea SA1 4JJ

Hoogah is both a cafe during the day and a restaurant during the night. It has a hipster atmosphere to it, with cute fairy lights and nice decorations. Going during the day is the best time to do work there, as they do a great selection of coffees and also an amazing brunch as well. You can also sit outside if it’s a nice day, but we don’t get many of those in Swansea. This again is close to student housing, so it is really convenient for students nearby.

Hoogah, best coffee shops in Swansea to study in
Source: Instagram, hoogahswansea


JC’s, Sketty, Swansea SA2 8PP

JC’s is the student bar and cafe on campus, which of course makes it a great place for studying. They have lots of sofas and chairs with tables to sit down with a laptop, and also sockets dotted around the place as well. However, it does get busy during the night, so if you’re on campus and looking for somewhere to study late, your best bet is the library. You can order everything to your table through a website, so you don’t even need to stand up to order anything! JC’s is a really popular place for students, so it’s definitely somewhere to go and check out if you’re new in Swansea.

JC's Swansea, coffee shops in Swansea to study in
Source: Instagram, @jcsswansea

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