Going home for the summer can be great – you get to catch up friends and cuddle up with your pets for the first time in ages and live in a house with a fully-stocked fridge. But being away from your uni town can have its downsides as well. Here’s what we miss most about Birmingham.

The shops

While in Brum, we often take the shopping in the behemoth Bullring, and its prettier sister, New Street for granted, but a stroll up your dilapidated hometown high-street reminds you that Birmingham is a consumer’s paradise, with innumerable big brands at your disposal to splash out that extra loan in.

The canals

Despite being in the West Midlands, far from the beaches and the mountains, Birmingham still manages to retain natural beauty, due to its long winding Canal systems. A walk down the narrow lanes, or a meal in the popular tourist attraction Brindleyplace, is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the serenity provided by the canals.

The nightlife

Birmingham is notorious for its night life. From Michelin star Champagne bars, to the never ending line of clubs that adorn Broad Street, a night out in Birmingham is an unparalleled experience. The recent opening of the chain nightclub, Pryzm, has only upped the glitz and glamour that the city has to offer.

The mere joy of being able to say ‘where shall we go tonight?’ instead of the inescapable misery of small-time nightclubs is one of Brum’s finer blessings. Whether your scene is lapping up Grey Goose in a VIP booth in Mechu, or forgetting you have any dignity whatsoever in Snobs, there is something for everyone in Brum.

The fusion of cultures

Birmingham is a cosmopolitan and vibrant city, where you can understand different cultures and broaden horizons, from the comfort of UK’s Second City. Due to the influence of multiculturalism, there is a thriving food scene, with authentic food from South Asian countries being easily available, most notably in the famous Balti Triangle.

The Birmingham Renaissance

Twenty years ago, a mention of living in Birmingham would have put a wry scorn on the faces of most. Now, with a futuristic skyline, picturesque canals meandering through the city centre and a multicultural population, it’s a city that is undergoing a reinvention of itself, with exciting possibilities current and future students.


Birmingham might be midway through a cultural revolution but it’s not forgotten its industrial past. Digbeth subtly blends the two together creating a millennial’s utopia of edgy clubs such as The Rainbow, vintage clothes and record shops. You also can’t forget the pubs that look like they’re owned by the Peaky Blinders themselves.

Cannon Hill Park

Far from being just an industrial and urban sprawl, the city of Birmingham boasts beautiful parks and gardens, perfect for enjoying hot summer days. Cannon Hill Park is a popular attraction, tucked away in central Birmingham, with sprawling acres of grass, boat rides, and even a mini golf course. For an even more picturesque view, you can head for Tea and strolls to the Winterbourne Garden.

The buzzing student life

With five universities scattered around city, Birmingham has an abundance of young students. This means that there is never a dull moment in the city, and there are always new people to meet. Being a student centric city has its perks, such as student offers at most local stores and great student nights every day of the week.

Our mates, obviously

Picture the scene, you arrive home, intellectually and socially stifled by the uni experience, and Andy turns up in his kitted Vauxhall Corsa wanting a ‘drive and a Nando’s’ -erm, no. Uni mates are great; they share the same interests, have the same aspirations and more importantly, share the same desire to get incredibly drunk. They will be sorely missed.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2022