Glasgow is no stranger to a challenge! The city’s lively restaurants and cafes are places you are going to want to delve into in big portions. There are multiple Glaswegian food destinations that are willing to offer you the most difficult food challenges imaginable. Here are five of Glasgow’s craziest eating challenges. Test your limits and see if you can stomach this weird and wonderful grub!

Buddy’s Hot Wing Challenge

Buddys hot wing challenge glasgow, Craziest Eating Challenges
Source: Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers Facebook

Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers on Pollokshaws Road is an ‘American-style’ restaurant situated in Glasgow. As one of the craziest eating challenges in Glasgow, this restaurant invites you to sink your teeth into six chicken wings covered in Naga Viper sauce and Scotch Bonnet chillies. However, you only have five minutes to eat all six wings! After eating, you must endure five minutes of ‘sitting time’ to prove you can handle the spice levels. You must also complete all this without the aid of any napkins or drinks!

However, the task definitely becomes worth the challenge if you win, as you will receive your wings for free. Successful competitors will also win a cold milkshake to help calm any festering spice!

Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers live streams all attempts on Facebook and has their competitors fill out a waiver before their visit. This ensures they have time to prepare the sauce to the spiciest level possible, making it certain that you will be in for a challenge.

Find out more about this eating challenge on Buddy’s BBQ & Burgers’ website! 

Brooklyn Cafe’s Breakfast Challenge

Brooklyn Cafe's Breakfast Challenge Glasgow, Craziest Eating Challenges
Source: Brooklyn Cafe Facebook

Based on Minard Road, Brooklyn Cafe is a warm and welcoming cafe, which prides itself on providing a personal and inviting atmosphere for its customers.

This cafe invites you to indulge in a large Scottish breakfast platter, consisting of black pudding, square and link sausage, both fried and scrambled eggs, potato scones, beans, pancakes, hash browns and toast. Making this one of Glasgow’s craziest eating challenges!

This would make a very filling and potentially enjoyable breakfast, had you more time to eat it! In total contestants must eat this full platter in thirty minutes or less. If they fail, a fee of £18 must be paid, which is the total cost of this gigantic meal. However, if they manage to eat everything on the plate, they win the meal for free!

Porto Piri Piri’s “Cheeky” Peri Peri Chicken Food Challenge

Porto Piri Piri, a longstanding favourite in the South Glasgow region of Scotland, brings to you the “Cheeky” Challenge. This eatery offers a vast assortment of sauces, allowing you to dictate the flavours of your meal. The challenge consists of 5 grilled chicken wings, 5 grilled chicken strips, a grilled chicken breast, and a pair of corn on the cob, accompanied by 2 pieces of garlic bread, 5 deep-fried mozzarella cheese sticks, and 2 large portions of chips. The most formidable aspect of this challenge is the requirement to polish off a ~3lb “Cheesy Tater Tot Box”, a formidable offering loaded with a profusion of hash browns covered with more grilled piri piri chicken pieces, heaps of cheese, and your choice of sauce. Also included is a hefty wrap, crammed full with mozzarella cheese, chicken strips, and veggies, all smothered in your choice of sauce.

Challengers are also tasked with finishing a tinned drink of their choice and a pint of flavoured Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for pudding. All of this must be accomplished within a 45-minute time constraint. Victors will be rewarded with their £37 meal gratis, a nifty t-shirt, and a spot on the revered Wall of Fame. For those who surpass the current time record, a £250 cash incentive prize is waiting for you!

Tophski’s Boneless Wings Food Challenge

Tophski's eating food challenge Glasgow
Source: Tophski’s Facebook

Located adjacent to the Cathcart Old Parish Church, is Tophski’s; an establishment that excels in dishing up mouth-watering burgers, chicken, fries, and milkshakes to the local community. Here you can indulge (or try to complete) the colossal Tophski’s Challenge, which has been a part of their menu for many years. Despite the hundreds of attempts, only two individuals have managed to conquer the challenge within the stringent 30-minute time limit.

The challenge platter comprises 15 sizable hot Buffalo boneless wings and 15 large BBQ boneless wings. It also includes 1.1kg (2.4lbs) of Tophski’s Cajun fries and a half dozen fried mozzarella cheese sticks. Please note that no other beverages or side dishes are included in the challenge, and the time limit to finish everything is set at 30 minutes. Winners are rewarded with the £40 meal on the house, a stylish t-shirt or hoodie, and a spot on Tophski’s Wall of Fame. Champions also receive one or two trays of extra scrumptious brownies baked by Tophski’s fantastic staff. To ensure everything is prepared for your challenge, it is recommended that you ring ahead and schedule in advance.

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Last Updated on June 20, 2024