Slightly toasted buns, juicy burgers with a choice of add ons… perhaps a cold beer on the side.

Have we tempted you yet?

Whether you’ve been on a big night out (taking advantage of all those 2-4-1 cocktail deals) or just fancy a delicious burger, here are our favourite restaurants to grab a burger in the wonderful city of Leeds.

The no fuss burger

Meatliquor Leeds

Where? MEATLiquor, Trinity Centre

How much? Grab a cheeseburger for £8

Veggie option? A lovely mushroom and halloumi burger for £7.50

MEATliquor are all about the fun. Their food is unfussy, unpretentious and packed with flavour. It’s American-style fare with chicken wings, fries, onion rings and, of course, burgers on offer. It might get a bit messy, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

The burger experts

The Adelphi Leeds

Where? The Adelphi, Hunslet Road

How much? A burger with any pint of beer, a 175ml glass of white or red wine or Pepsi or lemonade for £11

Veggie option? A vegan red pepper and quinoa burger served in an ancient grain bun with fries for £9.25

When a restaurant or pub has a separate burger menu, you know it takes them seriously. The Adelphi (with its famous quiz night) has just that. On it you’ll find some wonderful creations including a beef burger with black pudding, crispy bacon and free-range fried egg, served in a brioche bun with onion rings and fries for £10.25.

The gourmet burger

Boss Burgers Leeds

Where? Boss Burgers, Harrogate Road and Boss Burgers, Brudenell Grove

How much? A classic beef is £7.50, add fries for £1.75

Veggie option? Grilled halloumi, slow roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, rocket and house made boss mayo for £7.75

For most Leeds University and Leeds Beckett students, the Hyde Park branch of Boss Burgers is likely to be closer but if you fancy it, there’s also one in Chapel Allerton. Whichever one you choose is going to be a treat for the tastebuds. Boss Burgers really are boss and that’s partly due to the quality of the produce and the love they put into each meal. They use the ‘best grass fed Yorkshire cattle’ meaning their meat hasn’t been flown half way round the world to get to your plate, and your helping the local economy.

The stacked burger

Almost famous burger

Where? Almost Famous Leeds, Great George St

How much? A famous burger (basically a fancy cheeseburger) is £8

Veggie option? The Alicia Silverstone (yes, named after the one from Clueless and famous PETA advocate) is halloumi, a portabello mushroom, shoestring onions, jalepeno, Mama’s red sauce and Famous sauce for £9

When you’re hankering for burger, it’s often because you’re super hungry. Almost Famous Burgers has you covered. Each of their (delicious) burgers comes served as a double patty as standard. There’s an incredible range on offer, so make sure you take your time to pick the right one. Warning: There will be someone at the table with food envy!

The burger with music

Nation of Shopkeepers Leeds

Where? Nation of Shopkeepers, Cookridge Street

How much? Pulled pork, hot and kickin’ chicken, emmental cheese, beef patty and smoked chipotle jelly is £10.25

Veggie option? A grilled flat mushroom and halloumi burger is £7.95

The rumour goes that Napoleon Bonaparte (in a rather sniffy fashion) referred to Britain as ‘a nation of shopkeepers’. If he were alive now and visited Leeds (presumably with his tail firmly wedged between his legs) he may well summise we are no longer a nation of shopkeepers but purveyors of the finer things in life: namely food, drink and music. There’s no finer example of this than the bar-cum-restaurant named after Napoleon’s quote. They do fantastic food and know how to throw a fine party.