When you have one of the biggest partying universities in the UK you need to be well stocked in fry-ups.

Luckily, Leeds is certainly that.

You can find anything you want in our wonderful city from mega full Englishes to delicate brunches worthy of a place on the culinary map of the UK.

Check out our favourite fry-ups in Leeds. And if you think we’ve missed one out, let us know by emailing sarah@unifresher.co.uk…

The one for exceptional food

Where: The Greedy Pig Kitchen, 58 North Street

How much? £7 for an English or vegetarian breakfast

We’re not sure at Unifresher, whether it’s fair to call this a fry-up. Fry-ups have their own place in the culinary history of the UK, and rightly so, and the food at The Greedy Pig Kitchen probably doesn’t quite fit in with that. It’s much more than the humble fry-up, it’s art — better placed alongside Michelan-starred restaurants than Rosie Lee’s Greasy Spoon. But it’s an English breakfast none-the-less and deserves to be on this list. Then again not many caffs describe their English breakfast as outdoor-reared Yorkshire pork sausage, free range egg, thick cut bacon, hash brown, grilled tomato, beans, Leeds Bread Co-op sourdough, tea or Americano.

The one with a gorgeous view

Riveresque Leeds

Where: Riveresque, 15 Bridge End

How much? £5.25 for a full English

The well-named Riveresque provides a treat for the belly and for the eyes. Cure that hangover with a delicious full English while sitting on the banks of the River Aire. If you’re looking for a place to sit back and relax, there might not be a better place in Leeds.

The one for when you need a challenge

Popinas Leeds Mega Breakfast

Where: Popina, 31 Brudenell Road

How much? £8.90 for the mega breakfast.

The opening line of Popina’s’ about section on Facebook reads: ‘Famous for the Mega Breakfast’. That pretty much sums it up for the student favourite. Nearly every student in Leeds will have had a friend foolhardy enough to try (and fail) to finish off the three slices of bacon, three sausages, three eggs, two hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, black pudding, fried slice, beans, bread and butter or toast. Complete the challenge and ‘get added to the board on the wall of boys vs girls in the mega eating contest and receive the prestigious award of a key-ring’. Good luck.

If you want to support local produce

Where: Tasty, 482 Roundhay Road

How much? £7.75

How does this make your mouth water? Two prime back bacon rashers, two Sykes House Farm premium sausages, a free range egg, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes and beans. We thought so. Tasty’s full English is, well, tasty. They pride themselves on using locally-sourced ingredients and are a small, family-run business meaning your money is going to a small business and not some a titan of industry who could probably do without your £7.75.

The student favourite

LS6 Leeds 1

Where: LS6, 14-16A Headingley Lane

How much? £7.50 for the Yorkshire breakfast.

Speak to any Leeds graduate and, no-doubt, they will be able to remember LS6. It’s prime spot on Headingly Lane means that anyone who lives in Hyde Park or Headingly (so basically everyone) will have nippd in at one point. The breakfasts are what it is best known for serving up a Yorkshire breakfast, a mammoth breakfast, plus a vegan and vegetarian offering. Plus if you don’t fancy the full on fry-up you can opt for hipster favourite poached eggs and smashed avocado (sorry avo) for a very reasonable £5.