Student life can be pretty unpredictable, but one thing is for sure, you will be going out a lot. So if you’re planning a night out with mates and are stuck for places to go or your pub session has ended up in everyone wanting to hit the dance-floor, we’ve got the perfect round up of nights for you. By day of the week, these are the best student nights in Leeds.


Where? Quids In at Pryzm

Group of people at Quids In at PryzmCost of entry: £1 early bird, £3 standard, £5 final release, £10 VIP.
Drink specials: £1 VK, £1 vodka, £1 Sourz, £1 Jung bombs before 12pm. Party vibe: As with any other typical night at Pryzm you have the three rooms open, the Disco Room playing cheese music, the Curve Room playing hip hop and r’n’b and the main room which plays all the latest chart toppers from all genres.


Where? The Ten Club

Woman pouring drinks at the bar at The Ten Club

Cost of entry: Free.
Drink specials: Two cocktails for £6, double vodka or gin with mixer for £2.95, £1 shots of tequila or sambuca, selected bottles for £2.50.
Party vibe: You may want to take advantage of your Topshop student discount before coming here, as the dress code is ‘dress to impress’. DJ Josh Weekes is on the decks playing the latest floor fillers will a mix of old school r’n’b, hip hop and house.

Underground at Space

People dancing at Underground in Space Leeds

Cost of entry: £1, £5 and £6 tickets online, £6 for guest list and £7 on the door.
Drink specials: Double vodka and mixer for £1.45 before 12pm and £2.90 after, Jägerbombs for 90p before 12pm and £1.80 after, sambuca and tequila shots for 90p, selected bottles for £1.75 and £8 for a bottle of wine.
Party vibe: This club has two different rooms, room one plays a mix of dance music from the past and present and room two blasts out all your favourite hip hop and r’n’b tunes.


Where? Antics at Pryzm

Crowd partying at Antics Wednesdays Pryzm

Cost of entry: £5
Drink specials: £2 Coors Light, £2 jung, apple or cherry bombs, £2.20 VK flavours and £3 doubles
Party vibe: With 8 different rooms, there’s plenty of space for you and your mates to party. Visit the Disco Room to get your fill of all the old school throwback songs, if you prefer dancing to hip hop and r’n’b the Curve Room is for you, if your loan has just dropped and you’re feeling particularly boujee head over to the Belvedere suite for the ‘ultimate’ VIP experience. If none of that is to your taste then the main room is probably what you’re looking for, the DJ Myles Robinson will be on hand to play your latest club tunes which is accompanied by a CO2 production and lasers.

Where? Kellerbomb at Bierkeller

People dancing on tables at Kellerbomb in Bierkeller Leeds

Cost of entry: Free.
Drink specials: £2 pints, £4 steins, £1.50 spirit and mixer, £2.50 double spirit and mixer, £1.50 Jägermeister, £2 Jägerbombs.
Party vibe: The only place in Leeds where you are invited to dance on the tables. They also have plenty of fun theme nights where, if you join in, you could win prizes and free shots. This place is more chilled out so if you’ve just rolled out of the pub and decided you don’t yet want to go home, this is your spot.


Where? SKINT at Space

Crowd partying at Skint Thursdays at Space

Cost of entry: £3 for early bird £5 for standard
Drink specials: £6 quadruple vodka and Redbull mixer, £5 quadruple vodka and mixer, 90p shots of tequila or sambuca, £1.25 Jäger Bombs, £2 bottles of Carlsberg, £8 bottles of wine. Party vibe: Space offers two rooms, one of which plays a mash up of all your favourite songs, whereas room two plays your favourite hip hop, r’n’b and old school anthems all night long.

Where? Party at Mission 

Crowd partying at PARTY at Mission Leeds

Cost of entry: £4 for fist release tickets with a free bucket, £5 for second release tickets and £6 for third release tickets.
Drinks specials: £2.50 for a double vodka and mixer and sambuca shots are £1.50.
Party vibe: This club has three rooms, room one plays all things house, room two will be pumping out hip hop and r’n’b jams and the third rom plays all the club classics. If it’s your birthday you and your friends get free entry and booze, but you need to message the Facebook page beforehand.


Where? Sticky Feet at The Warehouse

Crowd partying at Sticky Feet at The Warehouse

Cost of entry: £7 including online booking fee.
Drink specials: £2.50 tequila or sambuca shots, £2.50 bottles of beer, £3 Jung bombs, large vodka and mixer for £3.20, alcopop bottles for £3.20 and a can of Red Stripe for £3.50.
Party vibe: Bass, bass with a side of bass. This night is filled with energy so be prepared to jump up, crowd surf and completely lose your head. Along with a lot of bass music there is confetti, lasers, inflatables and much more. We can guarantee a hangover after a night at this place will be very painful.