Do you believe in ghosts? Whether you believe it or not, there have been instances of unusual activity that even science hasn’t been able to explain. If you want a bit of a thrill and adventure, then here are the most haunted places in Leeds (along with their legends).

Armley Mills

Location: Canal Rd, Armley, Leeds LS12 2QF

armley mills haunted
Source: Haunted Happenings

Armley Mills dates back to the middle of the sixteenth century, where it was described as fulling mills (woollen mill) and was one of the largest woollen mills in England.  One mill is said to have contained two wheels and four fulling stocks, while another mill was used to grind corn. In 1788, the mill was tragically destroyed by an ‘unexpected’ fire. Industrialist Benjamin Gott rebuilt the mill, and today it is home to the Leeds Industrial Museum. However, some of the workers have reported some strange activity such as hearing a small boy cry at night, doors randomly slamming, and some people have claimed they have been randomly pushed (when there’s no one behind them)!

Kirkstall Abbey

Location: Abbey Rd, Kirkstall, Leeds LS5 3EH

Kirkstall Abbey haunted
Source: Visit England

Kirkstall Abbey appears to be haunted simply by looking at it. And it is said to be exactly that. It is a ruined Cistercian monastery and was founded back in the early 12th century (c. 1152) by Henry de Lacy. During the Dissolution of the Monasteries (under Henry VIII), Kirkstall Abbey was emptied of its life. It became the abode of the Virgin Mary (also known as Our Lady of Kirkstall), who sadly watched her husband commit murder and reported him to the authorities. Many people have witnessed seeing a woman in black walking the grounds, wallowing with guilt. A fun day out, I’d say!

Thackray Medical Museum

Location: 141 Beckett St, Harehills, Leeds LS9 7LN

Thackray Medical Museum haunted
Source: First Direct Arena

The Thackray Medical Museum was originally used in the first world war, caring for armed soldiers. Today, the museum is used to show visitors the history of healthcare going all the way back to the 19th century. But it isn’t all fun and games. An ancient coin has been seen many times (by many different people) in an empty area of the building and is reported to be rolling across the floor. Not only that, there have been sightings of a woman dressed in 18th-century attire waving from a window and people being touched by unseen hands. Yeah, that’s a big fat no for me!

Temple Newsam

Location: Temple Newsam Rd, Leeds LS15 0AE

Temple Newsam haunted
Source: Visit Manchester

If you haven’t noticed the theme, the majority of the haunted places so far are places opened to public people. Temple Newsam is no exception to this. Temple Newsam is an old Tudor-Jacobean house and was originally built by Lord Darcy in 1555. Two well-known ghosts are rumoured to haunt the building. Phoebe Gray, the first ghost, worked as a nursemaid at Temple Newsam. Gray was brutally murdered by a servant named William Collinson, and her ghost is claimed to wander the premises. The second ghost is the Blue Lady of Temple Newsam (yes, the primary school bathroom ‘blue lady’ chants are real!) and is thought to be Lady Mary Ingram. Lady Ingram is the granddaughter of Sir Arthur Ingram (the owner of the estate at the time). Lady Ingram died in delirium after being robbed, and her spirit has been seen by numerous people at Temple Newsam!

Carnegie College

Location: Leeds LS1 3HE

carnegie college haunted
Source: Leeds Beckett

If you are a student of Leeds Beckett University, please read at your own risk. Legend has it that a young man killed himself at Carnegie College when he realised that his mistress would never have love for him. The man’s body was found at the bottom of the college’s large staircase. There have been many reports claiming that his wails can be heard late at night, and many students have said that the bottom of the staircase is colder than the rest of the building. You have been warned!

City Varieties Music Hall

Location: City Varieties Music Hall, Swan Street, LS1 6LW

City Varieties Music Hall haunted
Source: My Learning

This 19th Century Music Hall has seen its fair share of musicals and performances loved by many. However, things haven’t always been as simple as ‘lights, camera, action’ here. There have been several strange sightings reported by people, such as a red-haired woman who is said to appear out of nowhere when performances are on, the sound of the piano playing randomly at night and random hangs throughout the night.