Books are an amazing creation. They help you to escape into another reality, help pass the time and not to mention they help heaps when it comes to your vocabulary. Just for you book lovers, here are some of the best bookshops in Leeds that you can go to if you’re looking for something new to read, want to stock up on your book collection or simply wanting to browse.

1. The Little Bookshop

Location: 47 Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD

best bookshops in leeds
Source: The Little Bookshops Instagram

The Little Bookshop is one of the cities only children’s book shops in Leeds. But don’t worry, they now also stock on a range of adult books too. It’s a great place to explore illustration and literature with the whole family.

2. Village

Location: 3 Thorton’s Arcade, Leeds, LS1 6LQ

best bookshops leeds
Source: Village Books

Another great bookshop to pay a visit to is Village. They offer the curated selection of books based on fashion, photography and art. Not only that, the bookshop offers regular expeditions, artist talks, and book launches for you to take part in.

3. Philip Howard Books

Location: 47 Street Lane, Roundhay, Leeds, LS8 1AP

best bookshops in leeds
Source: Philip Howard Books Facebook

Philip Howard is a family-run independent bookshop located in the heart of Roundhay. They have everything and anything you need when it comes to books from Northern English culture to children’s literature.

4. Oxfam Bookshop

Location: 13/15 Otley Road, Headingley, Leeds, LS6 3AA

best bookshops in leeds
Source: Oxfam Books

Oxfam’s very own charity book shop is another excellent bookshop, which every bookworm should pay a visit to. It sells a wide range of books from young adult fiction to children’s literature to school books and old classics.

5. Colours May Vary

Location: Munro House, Duke Street, Leeds, LS9 8AG

best bookshops in leeds
Source: Colours May Vary

Colours May Vary isn’t your usual bookstore. Instead of your usual ordinary novels, it sells a collection of design and art publications that you probably won’t find anywhere else. They also sell a range of journals, prints and stationery and also host a variety of events and workshops.

Last Updated on June 25, 2024