Leeds is known for its nightlife, so as freshers you are probably really looking forward to the wild times ahead! We’ve got your back and have listed the best freshers events in Leeds 2021.

1. Space Tuesdays – 21st September

voodoo events freshers
Source: Voodoo

Space is one of the best clubs in the cities, and every Tuesday night they bring students their weekly fix of all things house, dance, disco and urban! Open ’til 5 am, the nights are made even better with the £1 shots on offer! Check out the tickets online and go along to Space Club on the 21st to have one of the best nights!

2. Antics Wednesday – 22nd September

antics freshers event 2021
Source: Antics

Leeds biggest weekly social, Antics Wednesday is the Official Varsity Afterparty and is where all the university teams and societies enjoy their social events. There are 6 rooms, 3 music genres and everyone you know will be there! This event is hosted at Antics Club and you are likely to return time and time again throughout your time at uni.

3. Skint Thursday – 23rd September

skint thursdays leeds
Source: SKINT

Great drinks deals, even better music, and great vibes – that’s all you need to know about Skint Thursdays. The freshers edition will be be even better! Also hosted at Space club, this event is a weekly phenomenon loved by students and others alike and you’re probably going to be there quite a lot over the next few years…

4. Leeds Freshers Welcome Party – 22nd September 

Welcome to the jungle, Leeds freshers! Join a thousand students in one of Leeds’ biggest clubs as you and the club are dressed up to the nines in zoo theme. It will be a Koala-ty night! Zoo themed nights are one of the staples of a good freshers week, and so you really cannot miss out on this event!

5. UV Neon Rave – 26th September

UV Neon Rave freshers leeds 2021
Source: Freshers UV Neon Rave on Tour

This UV Neon Rave is a club night like no other. Expect 10,000s of free UV glowsticks, a price for the best neon outfit, laser shows, strobe shows, UV rave batons, inflatables, confetti showers, student prices and the best music out there. Hosted at Mint Warehouse, you’re guaranteed to have a night you won’t soon forget (depending on how many shots you have!).

6. Fruity Freshers Party – 24th September

Fruity Freshers leeds 2021
Source: Leeds University Union

Fruity is Leeds’ best known and longest-running club night! It’s been going for 20 years and brings the best music to three different rooms with non-stop good vibes. If you like Fruity music, try out Fruity’s Freshers party!