Looking for a new read? Or do you need a quiet place to study and finish your assignments? There is no better place to go to do this than at your local library.  It’s peaceful, there are no distractions, and there is a wide selection of books to choose from! Below are some of the best libraries you can visit in Leeds.

The Brotherton Library

Location: Woodhouse Ln., Woodhouse, Leeds LS2 9JT

leeds libraries
Source: Leeds University Library

Located on the main campus of the University of Leeds, The Brotherton Library is one of the best (and beautiful) libraries to pay a visit to. It is a 1936 Grade II listed Beaux-Arts building with its main room being home to old stoneworks and a spectacular domed ceiling. And don’t worry, the library isn’t exclusive to just students and is open to the public to visit as well.

Compton Road Library

Location: The Compton Centre, Harehills Ln, Leeds LS9 7BG

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Source: Flickr

Compton Road Library, located on Harehills Lane, is another great library to visit if you are looking for a new read and has a great selection of books to choose from! Definitely a go-to if you can’t find the book you need anywhere else.

Oakwood Library

Location: 1 Oakwood Ln, Roundhay, Leeds LS8 2PZ

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Source: Wikidata

The Oakwood Library is often mistaken for a house. That’s right, a house. Upon closer inspection, it’s actually a cute little library open for the public to visit. The house officially became a library in 1953, though part of the library was used as a Police Station until 1961. The old blue lamp that was once used is still situated outside on the wall of the library today!

The Leeds Library

Location: The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial St, Leeds, LS1 6AL

leeds libraries
Source: Leeds University

Founded in 1768, The Leeds Library is the oldest surviving library in Leeds. And don’t worry. They don’t have old rusty books lying on their shelves! The library is estimated to have over 140,000 books, with around 1500 new book titles added annually.

James Graham Building

Location: James Graham Building, Headingley Campus, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 5LF

leeds libraries
Source: Headingley Leeds

The James Graham building is on the Leeds Beckett Headingly campus and is one of Leeds hidden gems. Again, the library isn’t just for students and is open for the public to visit too! James Graham building is situated on over three acres of parkland and has one of the most beautiful greenery views. It’s the perfect spot to go to on a sunny day to read a book or to finish those last-minute assignments.

Leeds Central Library

Location: Leeds Central Library, Calverley St, Leeds LS1 3AB

leeds libraries
Source: Leeds Beckett

Another library that everyone should visit is the Leeds Central Library. Its located right next to Leeds Town Hall, which gives the town centre its historical feel. At the time the Leeds City Library was building (1884), the town held a design competition to choose a unique design for the interior of the building. There were 26 entries, and the winner was a Leeds man, George Corson. His plan was to divide the building in two, with one side being the ‘business side’ (home to offices and a place where people came to settle their bills) and a ‘popular side’ (where the library was located). Today the Library stands in all its pride and glory and also includes a Tiled Hall with its own cafe.

Chapel Allerton Library

Location: 106 Harrogate Rd, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 4LZ

chapel allerton library
Source: Wikidata

And last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to study, away from distractions, then the Chapel Allerton Library is the place for you. Its located in Chapel Allerton (amongst the stores) and has everything to fit your book needs.