It’s a relief once you finally graduate. You now have the skills, the experience and most importantly, the degree. Life is good. Now the question is, do you stay in the city you studied in or do you move out to find a career elsewhere. Here are the top 6 places that Leeds students moved to after graduating.


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It’s not a surprise that the capital city is one of the most popular places that Leeds graduates move to. Almost a half of the UK’s new graduates have moved to London due to its high employment rate and being an irreplaceable home to many large businesses. 21% of Leeds University students moved to the capital city in 2014/15.


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Another place that Leeds graduates move to is the city of Manchester. From those who moved from Leeds, an average of 8% were employed within the first year. One of the main reasons Manchester is a popular destination is that it’s affordable to live in the city centre. Unlike other cities, travelling and rent aren’t too bad in Manchester and is relatively cheap.


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The city of York was named the ‘best place to live in the North and the North-East by the Sunday Times in 2019, so it’s not a shock that many Leeds graduates moved to the city after completing their degree. It has a long-standing reputation for its night-life, known to be a true foodie heaven and has many hidden gems for graduates to explore.


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For those graduates from Leeds wanting to stay closer to home, Wakefield is a popular location to move to (only being around 10 miles away). A one-bedroom apartment near the city’s train station can be purchased from £90,000 and not to mention the outstanding views Wakefield offers, perfect if you love nature. 



Many graduates from Leeds also move to Newcastle. This is one of the most popular locations outside of Yorkshire. The city has a high population of students and graduates and everything such as the city centre and access to travel is within easy reach. Newcastle is also enriched with culture, which has said to be one of the reasons it attracts many Leeds graduates.


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Middlesborough is another popular location for Leeds graduates. In 2017, it saw 30% of Leeds graduates descending to the city within the first few years of graduating. Middlesborough is best known for its football club and its high employment rate and cheap living costs.