Talking about our mental health is important now more than ever. We need to remind ourselves that it is okay not to be okay and that we shouldn’t go through it alone. If you feel that you are struggling with your mental health, we have got together some helpful tips and services that you can go to in Leeds.


Mindwell is a mental health website for people in Leeds. This NHS-funded company was created in collaboration with people all across the city, which help to produce resources that people can use. It also provides quick and easy information to help improve mental health for all adults in Leeds, including employers and GPs.

Andy’s Man Club

According to research, up to 12.5% of men in the UK suffer from mental health disorders each year. Andys Man Club are a club that was born to break down society’s negative stigmas around the idea that men should remain silent if ‘they’re suffering from their mental health. There are two clubs based in Leeds that you can join and get the support that you need. There is absolutely no judgement here, and ‘they’re there to help. Contact details can be found here.

Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service

The Leeds Survivor-Led Crisis Service is another mental health service that offers high quality, people-centred support to those who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Some of the organisations aims include providing alternative statutory services within a comfortable environment and to support individuals. Their telephone line (Connect) is open from 6 pm to 2 am every night of the year for people in Leeds. Details on how to contact them can be found here.

Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service

The Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service provides psychological therapies and support for people with issues such as anxiety and depression. They offer a range of psychological interventions, including online support, 1:1 therapies and self-help video treatments. Details on how to contact the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service can be found here.

Now for students, university life can sometimes take a downward toll on our mental health. From the hefty workload, the stress of deadlines and anxiety, it can sometimes become too much. Below are some of the services and help that you can get from the university directly.

University of Leeds

The University of Leeds has a range of support services and facilities on offer for students. This includes a space for prayer, self-help groups and online and in-person counselling sessions.

To get in touch with the wellbeing team, you can call them on 0113 343 7458 or email them at Further information can be found here.

The University of Law – Leeds

The University of Law in Leeds offers counselling sessions to help those ‘struggling with their mental health and feel that theydon’t have anyone to turn to. The counselling sessions offer a confidential space for you to talk and help gain insight into your issues and help develop emotional resilience.

To get in touch with the team or to book an appointment, leave an email to or phone 01483 405 607.

Leeds Trinity University

The Leeds Trinity’s University’s Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Service can provide students with the support to understand their difficulties and overcome them. 1 to 1 counselling sessions are the place where students can talk in confidence about what ‘they’re going through. They also have free access to the TogetherAll online support website that offer self-help programmes and is available 24/7.

To get in touch with the team you can do so via the universities app or leave an email to student

Leeds Beckett University

At Leeds Beckett University, multiple facilities offer help to students with their mental health. The Student Wellbeing Team is a team made up of mental health practitioners and councillors and offers sessions online and on campus.

To get in touch with the team, you can email them at

Leeds Art University

And last but certainly not least, the Student Welfare Team at the Leeds Art University provide facilities and support such as a therapy service and counselling.

You can contact the team directly on 0113 202 8111 or email them at