If you were to ask me what my favourite thing about Liverpool is, I would say the different restaurants around. Being a major food-lover myself, I have enjoyed exploring the many different cuisines and types of restaurants that Liverpool has to offer. One thing that has surprised me is the number of vegetarian restaurants in Liverpool. Especially when they’re followed by 2-4-1 cocktails! So, for the herbivores out there, here are just 10 vegetarian and/or vegan restaurants in Liverpool.

1. Down the Hatch

Source: Liverpool Independent

Located in a basement on Duke Street, Down the Hatch has been crowned Liverpool’s “dirtiest vegan junk food bunker.” Home to some of the best deep-fried food that the city has to offer, Down the Hatch takes home-cooked food and puts a junk food twist on it, that even if you’re not vegetarian, will love. The best part? Down the Hatch is now available on Deliveroo, so that you can enjoy the deep-fried heaven at home.

2. Gusto

Gusto Liverpool
Source: SquareMeal

Are you looking for Italian with a view? Have no fear, Gusto is here. This restaurant and bar is a distinguished part of the Royal Albert Dock and guarantees an authentic Italian experience. With the motto “Con Amici” (which means eating with friends) and a wide variety of food and drink choices, this restaurant can quickly become your friends and family’s food home. Gusto is currently open, with limited spacing, hours and maintaining social distancing guidelines.

3. The Egg Café


Also known as ‘The Egg”, this enchanting and Grimm’s inspired restaurant is a must go for vegans and vegetarians. In plain sight on Newington; tucked away behind a purple and gold swirled door, lies the morning part café and part gallery and night performance space with a variety of nourishing meals, large mugs of coffee, homemade cakes and the famous vegan breakfast. Although the opening hours have been reduced, the atmosphere, quality and beauty of the Egg are still very prominent.

4. Indigo Greens

Indigo Greens
Source: La Vida Liverpool

With the slogan, “food from a higher consciousness,” Indigo Greens is more than just an award-winning restaurant. In fact, it has become the hangout for anyone interested in healthy, sustainable living and vegan food, and includes a space for regular classes and therapies for the mind, body and soul, including reiki, readings and yoga. Located on Queens Drive, this quirky café is cosy and informal, with a spiritual theme. A beautiful mural painted by local artists, words allocated to tables, plants hanging from the ceiling, and relaxing music in the background, Indigo Greens is a must go. Due to the Corona situation, Indigo Greens are available for delivery.

5. Mowgli


From the Indian streets to a restaurant on Bold Street, Mowgli brings the taste of Indian street food to the city. According to their website, “Mowgli is not about the intimate, hushed dining experience. It is about the smash and grab zing of healthy, light, virtuosic herbs and spices.” With simple wood tables, bare brick walls and birdcage lights, Mowgli is the perfect place for a chilled breakfast, lunch or dinner with a separate vegan menu perfect for you.

6. The Old Hardware Shop

Open for takeaway and collection only, this vegetarian turned vegan restaurant is located on Woolton Street, under an old painted sign with “Hardware” in big, bold writing. Before Corona, this small, colourful space with mirrors and bird photos was constantly buzzing with friendly staff and creative, reasonably priced food. There’s a lot to love about The Old Hardware Shop, especially their vegan chocolate specials, such as their cake and milkshake.

7. Rosa’s Thai Café

Rosa's Thai Cafe
Source: Rosa’s Thai Cafe

Housed in a former warehouse, Rosa’s Thai Café is another restaurant located in the heart of docks. The beauty of the Royal Albert Docks comes from its views and history, and Rosa’s Thai Café isn’t any different, showcasing the historical trade links. With their open theatre kitchen, private dining, custom cocktails and authentic Thai food that is quoted to having, “a lot of spice and enough soul to fill the Mekong River”, Rosa’s Thai Café is more of an experience than just a restaurant. Students get 15% off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and food can either be delivered or collected through the website and Deliveroo.

8. Leaf


What started as a small tea shop, has turned into an independent and imaginative Tea Shop and Bar on Bold Street and Smithsdown Road. With over 40 loose leaf teas, delightful breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, whimsical lampshades, fairy lights and antique armchairs, you are guaranteed for good food and a good time. The best part? It doesn’t end there. Leaf on Bold Street hosts open mic nights, drawing classes and has rooms for performances or private events.

9. Maray

Muray Restaurant
Source: Albert Dock

Located on the Albert Docks, Bold Street and Allerton, Maray is a funky fusion restaurant with tastes of the Middle East, Asia, Scandi, America and Britain, is constantly filled with chatty crowds on long communal tables. Each location has something different to offer, but still consistent with the high standard and buzzing atmosphere that comes with the Maray name. I went with some friends to the Maray on the Albert Docks, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The food was delicious, the building was beautiful, and the staff were really friendly, and I would definitely recommend it. Maray is open for delivery and collection.

10. Pippin’s Corner

Source: Lark Lane’s

This family-friendly café is one of the newer additions to Liverpool’s vegetarian and vegan scene, opening in early 2018. Described by the owner as being, “her nerdy alter-ego” and by critics as “the grown-up, elegant Pinterest obsessed-sister,” this café is situated on Lark Lane in South Liverpool, and is known mainly for their breakfasts, hot drinks and vegan cakes, puddings and spreads. Due to Covid-19, Pippin’s Corner is open for inside dining and takeaways for delivery and collection on Just Eat.

I haven’t been in Liverpool long, but my favourite thing about the city is the amount of culture and uniqueness. Everyone is different, and all of these differences are catered for. No matter who you are, there is something for everyone, and this includes dietary and lifestyle choices – and for vegans and vegetarians, there is so much that Liverpool has to offer. The city is your oyster; you just got to grab it and explore.