Liverpool is known for many things: its history, the Beatles and the people. A secret gem in the city, however, is brunch. There are restaurants in Liverpool that specialise purely in brunch, and some that have even won awards for their brunch meals. So, for the love of bacon, pancakes and salmon, here are twelve of the best restaurants to grab an amazing brunch in Liverpool.

1. Tavern Co

Tavern Co liverpool brunch
Source: Tavern Co Instagram

Penny Lane might be in our ears, and in our eyes, but one thing the Beatles forgot to mention was the amazing brunch at Tavern Co. Home to a two time award winning full English breakfast, Tavern Co has an extensive brunch list ranging from different variations of Eggs Benedict, to breakfast chocolate churros. This is a brunch spot you definitely don’t want to miss.

2. Baltic Market

Baltic Market Liverpool brunch
Source: Baltic Market Instagram

The Baltic Market is home to amazing food in Liverpool, and their brunch experiences from 11am to 3pm is no exception. From the bacon sandwiches at the Baltic Bakehouse, the bottomless brunch at the Baltic Social, to the street food specials along the market, including a special brunch cocktail menu and pretty epic coffee, the Baltic Market is a brunch lover’s heaven.

3. The Brunch Club

The Brunch Club Liverpool brunch
Source: The Brunch Club Instagram

Brunch by name, brunch by nature: the Brunch Club serves brunch until 4pm. Known for their stacked blueberry pancakes with bacon and maple syrup, traditional full English and bagels, this brunch restaurant on Duke Street is another must-go brunch spot in Liverpool, and you don’t even have to wake up early to enjoy it!

4. Leaf


Leaf liverpool brunch
Source: Leaf Instagram

Leaf on Bold Street and Smithsdown Road are known for many things: amazing tea, a great atmosphere, vintage fairs and art and music nights. Well, you can add brunch to that list. Specialising in colourful and nutritious food for the soul, Leaf has an extensive brunch menu suitable for everyone, and their crispy potato nuggets, full English breakfast, granola with blueberry compote and eggs on toast with crispy kale and harissa oil come highly recommended. The best part, you’re not only guaranteed an amazing breakfast, but a cup of fantastic tea too.

 5. Pippin’s Corner

Pippin’s Corner Liverpool Brunch
Source: Pippin’s Corner Instagram

Previously known by Moon and Pea, Pippin’s Corner is cosily situated on the corner of Lark Lane, known for its American-style food. Sticking to this theme, you can find large, traditional brunch options such as a large breakfast meal of two eggs, two sausages, two bacon rashes, black pudding, mushrooms, beans, home-fries and toast.

6. Clockworks

Clockworks Liverpool Brunch
Source: Clockworks Instagram

Comfort with a unique industrial twist, Clockworks have stood the test of time. Located on Wolstenholme Square, this restaurant’s establishment clocks back to over 200 years ago, and still manage to supply the city with amazing food, drinks and culinary experience. Dabbling in proper British grub, Clockworks brunch menu consists of some of the best sausages, ham hock benedict, waffles, hearty porridges and vegetarian breakfasts in the city.

7. Café Tabac

Café Tabac Liverpool Brunch
Source: Café Tabac Instagram

Situated on Bold Street, Café Tabac have mastered the hangover brunches. Their Tabac Rita Big Breakfast has been known to a miracle after a big night out, and even for those who don’t wake up with a massive headache, there are plenty of interesting and unique breakfast, brunch and lunch options that puts a small twist on your typical brunch meals. 

8. The Quarter

The Quarter Liverpool Brunch
Source: The Quarter Instagram

Reminiscent of the romance in Paris and the aromas of Italy, this Georgian Townhouse on the cobbled streets of Faulkner Street is known to have amazing brunches. From freshly baked pastries, pancakes, smoothie bowls, poaches eggs, peanut butter on toast and freshly brewed coffee, here you can enjoy an outstanding brunch with a gorgeous view of the Anglican Cathedral, and as a bonus, look at the cute dogs, as The Quarter is dog-friendly! 

9. Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee Liverpool Brunch
Source: Moose Coffee Instagram

The original breakfast joint, Moose Coffee on Dale Street is still one of the best brunch places in Liverpool. Now also on Hope Street, this American-style restaurant has a mixture of brunch classics, such as pancakes, waffles and French toast stacks and unique meals such as the Mighty Moose breakfast (delicious homemade fresh potato hash fried on the griddle with garlic, onion and Dijon mustard topped with two fried eggs and bacon), making it a city centre favourite for foodies and always leave the brunch lovers satisfied.

10. Interesting Eating Company

Interesting Eating Company Liverpool Brunch
Source: Interesting Eating Company Instagram

Located on Allerton Road, this quirky purple restaurant may be known for their waffles and pancakes, but their full English breakfasts really hits the spot. For under a fiver you can get two poached eggs, two sausages, two slices of grilled bacon and loads of baked beans, plus a round of hand cut toast and preserves. With one of the best butcheries across the road, expect the best quality meat that compliments your brunch.

11. Castle Street Townhouse

Castle Street Townhouse Liverpool Brunch
Source: Castle Street Townhouse Instagram

Located in the historic business district, Castle Street Townhouse serves their brunch on weekdays from 8am – 12pm, and weekends from 9am – 12pm. Putting a twist on brunch favourites, Castle Street Townhouse serve their Full English breakfast with chorizo and straw fries, and Epic Bacon or Sausage Sandwiches come with chilli jam, jalapenos and cheddar cheese. Best of all, you can add some sparkle to your brunch with a glass of Prosecco. 

12. The Little Shoe

The Little Shoe Liverpool Brunch
Source: The Little Shoe Instagram

Located on Bold Street, The Little Show is the perfect spot for comfort home food, having a DIY approach to their menu. This means that they have an independent way of doing things, such as baking their own bread, relying on seasonal and fresh produce and importing exotic wine. While their brunch menu is extensive, it’s their ultimate breakfast of smoked bacon lardons, Bury black pudding, plum tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms on a homemade trencher bread topped with poached egg and hollandaise sauce is what makes people come back again every time.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional brunch or something unique to eat, there are plenty of brunch spots for you and your friends to enjoy the best thing humans have ever come up with: brunch.

Last Updated on July 2, 2024