There’s only so many Strongbow Dark Fruits you can drink before you need a decent cocktail.

And if you live in Liverpool, there are plenty of places offering 2 for 1 deals, so you don’t have to stretch your student budget too far to enjoy a strawberry daiquiri…

1. Be At One Liverpool


When? 4:30-7pm every night and ALL NIGHT on Sundays
What to order? Cuban Zombie

If you like a comprehensive list of cocktails to choose from, Be At One has quite the collection. 126 concotions to be specific. Our pick? The Cuban Zombie — it’s potent enough to get your night off to a great start and tropical enough to forget about the dark, stormy assignments waiting for you at home.

2. Turtle Bay


When? Until 7pm every day, plus 9:30pm-close Sun – Thursday and 10pm-close Fri & Sat.
What to order? Jamaican Mule

Nothing says Caribbean like rum, reggae and jerk. Turtle Bay has got their holiday atmosphere down to a tee and you’ll feel right at home sipping their tasty Jamaican Mule, which by the way, is an excellent hangover cure. The ginger beer will settle your stomach, while the rum numbs whats left of your headache. Ready for round 2?

3. Las Iguanas


When? All day every day
What to order? Brazillian Spring Punch

Why limit being happy to an hour or two? Las Iguana’s happy hour is all day every day, so you can get 2 for 1 cocktails AND cocktail pitchers whenever you fancy it. And while we’re living in the land of the carefree, why not make it spring time all year round by trying their Brazillian punch? Reality is best ignored anyway.

4. La Tasca


When? All day everyday
What to order? G&T mojito

La Tasca love their gin creations and none is more refreshing than the G&T mojito. Generously-sized for lengthy sipping, grab a few tapas to share and you can enjoy yourself well into the evening.

5. Revolucion de Cuba Liverpool


When? Mon-Fri 3-7pm and Saturdays 5-7pm
What to order? Strawberry Daiquiri

We don’t care if you’re the manliest man in town, strawberry daiquiris are too delicious to resist and Revolucion is the perfect place to get one. No martini-sized servings here — it comes in a big, tall glass to satisfy all your frozen fruity dreams. Delish!

6. PANAM Restaurant & Bar


When? 4-6pm every day
What to order? Pina Colada

Fancy a drink with a view? Head down to PANAM at Albert Dock and you’ll get just that. The plush booths and fancy cuisine on offer will have you feeling like a royal, even if you’re out of there as soon as 6pm hits.

7. Pump House


When? Every day after 5pm
What to order? Aeporol Spritz

Can’t afford to whisk your lover away to Italy? Whisk them down to the Pump House, order two Aeporol Spritz’s and end every sentence with ‘bella’ — it’s the next best thing.

8. Mojito bar


When? Fridays before 11pm
What to order? A mojito of course!

Would you like a rave with your cocktail? Mojito is your dose of weekend madness with a tiny touch of class. Make sure to sip a good amount of your cocktail before moving onto the packed dancefloor.