If you’re at university in Liverpool, you might be feeling like you’ve drawn the short straw compared to some of your home friends in other cities. We can’t go to our friends’ houses; we can’t just go for a pint at the Brookhouse anymore; Concert Square is basically closed; and we still have to do uni-work! Although uni-life may seem pretty bleak at the moment, you can still make the most of our beautiful city, through exploring the local wildlife. Whether you fancy going on a cute picnic date; a socially distanced study break; or for a kick about with your mates, there is definitely somewhere for you to let off some steam in Liverpool. To help with this, here are the best parks and open spaces in Liverpool for you to visit.

1. Sefton Park

Starting with a big one, Sefton has so much to offer. Whether you’re looking for somewhere tranquil to sit and watch the world go by, or simply just somewhere to take a few cans and chill in a field with your friends, Sefton is ideal. The boating lake is the perfect place to sit by and pass a few hours people-watching. Similarly, the lakeside café’s winter drinks menu will help you stay toasty as the weather begins to get cooler – Biscoff latte, anyone? There’s so much to offer at Sefton, it’s such an insta-worthy location, with the Palmhouse and Fairy Glen providing the perfect spots for a cute snap. Only a short walk from Smithdown road, and quite literally down the road from Greenbank Halls of Residence, Sefton is the perfect location for if you ever just need to get away from the stress of uni life and enjoy a bit of nature.

2. Greenbank Park

Greenbank Park
Source: Scouse Scenes

Just around the corner from Sefton, even closer to the heart of Smithdown, is Greenbank Park. With playing fields, a children’s play area and a large fishing pond, the park is a great space to go and let off some steam for all ages. The park gates are locked at 10 pm, so it isn’t really the place for a late-night stroll; however, the park is reopened at 5 am, making it ideal for an early-morning jog if that’s how you roll.

3. Abercromby Square

Taking it a bit closer to the city centre here, and to the University of Liverpool’s campus, for those of you living in halls. Abercromby Square is a staple for any exam season study break, due to its location right next to the Sydney Jones Library, and its picturesque scenery. As soon as you set yourself up with a meal deal and a good book, the hustle and bustle of uni-life will drift away before you know it.

4. Wavertree playground

Wavertree Playground
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Another Smithdown park, Wavertree playground is slightly further along the road from the Brookhouse, just past the railway bridge. The grassy open space is ideal for a kickabout with your mates, or to simply lie on the grass and unwind after a long day of online studying. Should you be so unlucky as to need a COVID-19 test, your day could be brightened up by the walk-through Wavertree playground to the walk-in testing centre at Wavertree Sports Park, if that’s closer to you than the UoL test centre – how exciting!

5. Princes Park

A bit closer to the city is Princes Park. Located on Devonshire Rd, it’s located on the 75 and 80A bus routes, so whether you’re on Smithdown or in campus accommodation, you’re only a short bus journey away from the fresh air and open spaces of Princes Park. If you’re missing your beloved dog from home, why not sign up to Borrow My Doggy and network your way to walking a dog. You might find that having a dog to walk gives you a reason to get out of the house and explore the local area. You could perhaps even pack a picnic in an attempt to coax your housemates out the house too!

6. Wavertree Botanic Gardens

Source: Liverpool Underlined

If you’re living in Kensington or campus halls of residence, this one may be ideal for you if you’re fancying a stroll away from the craziness of your flatmates, even just to clear your head for a while. While perhaps not the biggest or best park on this list, Wavertree Botanic Gardens is a hidden gem on the way out of Liverpool, just next to the innovation park, and just a 20-minute walk from the campus. In first year, I found an early morning walk to the botanic gardens the perfect way to start my day when I needed motivating. When you finally reach the park, take some time to absorb the tranquil settings, despite being such a short walk from the hustle and bustle of campus!

I hope you’re now feeling inspired to step outside the warmth of your student house and explore the many parks and open spaces we have here in Liverpool. Remember to take the time away from your studies to unwind, especially in such times as these.