Student life is tough. All that sleeping and pretending to study can really take it out of you.

And sometimes when the hangover is bad and the assignment deadlines are looming, there’s nothing you need more than a full English breakfast.

And boy, does Liverpool put on one hell of a fry up. So if you’re lucky enough to attend University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University or Liverpool Hope University, we’ve rounded up the best breakfast’s near you. Take your pick…

The award-winning fry up

The award-winning fry up
Source: Tavern Company Instagram

Where? The Tavern Co
When? 7am-2:30pm everyday
How much? £7.95

The Tavern Co don’t fuck around when it comes to their Full English. Voted the ‘Nation’s Best Breakfast’, it’s a must-try for all Liverpoolians. Maybe save this one for when you’re NOT hungover. You don’t want the residue of tequila on your tastebuds to ruin the experience.

The slighty fancy fry up

The slighty fancy fry up
Source: LEAF on Bold St Instagram

Where? LEAF
When? 9am-Midday weekdays and 9am-3pm weekends
How much? £7.99

If you like to spend your weekends pretending to be sophisticated, LEAF have your kind of fry up. Potato croquets, vine tomato and eggs cooked whichever way you ask — what a luxury!

The vegan fry up

The vegan fry up
Source: Greendays Cafe Instagram

Where? Greendays Cafe
When Served all day
How much? £5.50

No eggs, no problem. Instead of just removing half the meal, Greendays breakfast caters a fry up specifically for vegans, loading them up with all the classics, just vegan-friendly. Think mushroom, tomato, potato cake, bake beans and vegan sausages.

The cheap fry up

Where? The Crown Hotel
When? Until midday everyday
How much? £3.19

For less than a fiver you can treat yourself to a classic breakfast at The Crown. And even though you’re only paying the price of a London coffee, you still get all the works: bacon, sausage, egg, hash brown, beans, tomato and toast. What a deal!

The ‘all you can eat’ fry up

The ‘all you can eat’ fry up
Source: Toby Carvery Instagram

Where? Toby Carvery
When? 8am-11am Mon-Sat and 8am-10:30am Sundays
How much? £4.29

If your appetite challenges that of a horse, head to Toby Carvery and go nuts over their all you can eat breakfast buffet. After all, it’s not a FULL English unless you roll out of the establishment right?

The ‘just like Mums’ fry up

The ‘just like Mums’ fry up
Source: Onion Deli Facebook

Where? Onion Deli
When? All day, everyday
How much? £6.80

A big meal for growing boys and girls. With homemade bake beans the star on the plate, you’ll definitely feel at home at Onion Deli. Plus you can sleep in as much as you want because their breakfast is available all day.

The veggie fry up

The veggie fry up
Source: The Quarter Instagram

Where? The Quarter
When? Until midday everyday
How much? £7.50

Considering this fry up comes with guacamole AND hummus, even non-Vegetarians might be willing to give up their sausage for a change. Combined with the traditional fried eggs, baked beans, potato, tomato and mushroom, The Quarter have kept the integrity of a full English intact, with a veggie-friendly twist.

Last Updated on July 1, 2024