There are numerous student deals and a number of places that offer happy hour, but Liverpool is still an expensive place to go out on a student budget.

After paying for your outfit, pre-drinks, taxis, some more drinks, a pre night out snack and of course the much needed post night out snack, here at Unifresher we think the last thing you should worry about is the club entry. Here we help you by revealing our favourite nightclubs in Liverpool which offers FREE ENTRY!

1. Baa Bar


Where: Fleet Street

This one is a real favourite and its been around longer than most visitors – opening in 1991! It may be a firm favourite among students but they understand the student budget and offer free entry every night of the week, plus shooters for just £2! Get yourself down there this freshers and check it out!

2. Moloko

Moloko_Liverpool (1).jpg

Where: St. Peter’s Square

Moloko is a trendy drinks bar and you’ll want to pull out your best outfit for this one. Thankfully its free entry and drinks are usual around £6.95. They have trendy drinks on the menu including Brooklyn Lager for £3.50 and cocktails. A classic favourite order is their buy two glasses of wine and get the bottle free deal which helps with the student budget!

3. Revolution


Where: Albert Dock and St Peter’s Square

This is a student classic, i’m sure every University has one of these. Revs is all about the shots and very known for their different flavoured vodka shots. People get overly dressed up and expect to see some crazy dance moves. Albert Dock bar is free entry every night of the week while St peter’s square is free on Thursdays only.

4. Heaven

Where: Victoria Street

This club is wild, wonderful and wacky! You may leave not really sure what you walked into but with the best memories and a royal hungover in the morning. Heaven is free before 1am from Sunday to Wednesday, but don’t worry its only £3 after so won’t break the bank. They have a brilliant student night on a Thursday which only costs £1 entry. Expect anything and everything – it will blow your mind!

5. Level


Where: Fleet Street

Yes you do have to buy a ticket to gain entry into level! However if your prepared to go the extra mile then you could possible get away with free entry. This was proven by two friends who got the Level logo tattooed on themselves and in return gained free entry every Saturday. Now you really need to be dedicated to the cause to do this and perhaps seek permission from mum and dad first.

6. Heebie Jeebies


Where: Seel Street

For a more casual vibe head down to Heebie Jeebies where free entry is every night apart from Thursdays where entry is still only a £1

Does your club have free entry or do you know of a club that offers free entry? Let us know and we’ll include it on the list. Just fill in the form below.