Birthdays are odd in the way that despite being a yearly occurrence, they still manage to sneak up on us. This is especially the case when you’re distracted with lectures and assigned reading and being away from home. To save you the trouble of thinking up some fun birthday ideas in Liverpool, I’ve done all the thinking and research for you. So, whether it’s your 1st birthday here, or your 21st, here’s a list of places to check out for a guaranteed good time.

10. Signature Living Apartments

The Vault | The fun birthday idea in Liverpool for up to 30 guests
Source: Signature Living

Location: 56 Stanley St, Liverpool L1 6DS

If you’ve lived in Liverpool for even the shortest amount of time then you’re well aware we love a party. Birthday’s are no exception. But, not everyone has the space, time, or particularly, the patience be plan and host a party. This is where Signature Living comes in: already furnished apartments, each with their own theme, and can bed up to 30 guests. It’s the ideal one night get away for luxury and fun – especially if you’re not one for bar hopping.

9. Ghetto Golf

Ghetto Golf
Source: Golf Fang Liverpool Instagram

Location: Cains Brewery, Stanhope St, Liverpool L8 5XJ

For as cheap as £12pp and a student discount on certain courses, Ghetto Golf is one of a perfect fun birthday idea for celebrating in Liverpool. Fairy lights, neon art work, and the occasional haunted warehouse vibe is interesting enough, but if golf’s not really your skill then feel free to drown your sorrows at the bar.

8. Dorothy’s Showbar

Dorothy's Showbar
Source: Dorothys Showbar Liverpool Facebook

Location: 7 Victoria St, Liverpool L2 5QA

After months of the same clubs and bars, it makes sense that you’d crave something a little different for your birthday celebrations. That’s where Dorothy’s Showbar comes into play. Drag Queens, great music, and a full bar: you won’t go wrong on a trip to Dorothy’s. If you’re inclined to splurge they also offer VIP party packages designed to give you a good night.

7. Cuthbert’s Bakehouse

Cuthbert's Bakehouse
Source: Cuthberts Bakehouse Instagram

Location: 103 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L3 5TB

Do you enjoy a good drink with some friends but alcohol is not your thing? Enjoy spending time with people rather than time over the toilet bowl the next morning? Then try your hand at the tea rooms available at Cuthbert’s Bakehouse. Enjoy a sophisticated morning or afternoon drinking tea, eating cakes, and being all round a fancy lady (or man).

6. Cocktail Masterclass

Location: 5 Brunswick St, Liverpool L2 0UU

First you enjoyed the cocktails, but now it’s time to make them. That’s right, number 6 on our list of fun birthday ideas in Liverpool is a cocktail masterclass session at The Alchemist. Taste testing is allowed and, more importantly, encouraged. Two options are available for you and a minimum of 5 others: learn some mixology and drink your creations OR learn some mixology, drink your creations, then enjoy some nibbles afterwards for just £5 extra. Simple choice really.

5. Themed Party

If you’re lucky enough to have your own house accommodation, or even if you’re still partying it up in halls, a themed celebration is the way forward. Maybe it’s a 1920s theme for your 20th, or maybe its a casino theme, or cops and robbers – anything works. It’s the ideal excuse to dress up and have a good time, all without spending too much money.

4. Woody’s Sports and Karaoke Bar

Woody's Sports and Karaoke Bar
Source: Woodys Bar Liverpool Facebook

Location: 70-74 Wood St, Liverpool L1 4DQ

Whether it’s the final destination or just a stop along the way, sing your heart out with a bit of karaoke. A fun birthday idea because even if you need a bit of Dutch courage, this Liverpool bar offers both drinks and a good time. If you’re not willing to shell out for a private karaoke room but still want to screech the house down with your dulcet tones make sure to drop by and pick up a mic.

3. Paintballing

Source: Amar Preciado-Pexels

Location: Unit 3, Business Centre, 131 Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool L3 6BN

If you thought paintballing was just for kid then you thought wrong. If you’re not one for drinking then no problem, just pick up a gun and start shooting. In a completely safe and controlled manner, of course. Let loose in this adrenalin-fuelled day out with your friends in a mock battle to go down in history.

2. Lush Spa Treatment

Location: 38 – 46 Church St, Liverpool L1 3AW

Well known for their success in all things glittery and fragrant, people often forget that Lush also offers spa treatments. An ideal price range for students, they offer treatments for as low as £40. This fun birthday idea for celebrating in Liverpool might not be a 12 hour pub crawl that leaves you without your shoes and a questionable traffic cone the next morning, but it is a worthwhile experience that offers a tranquil alternative to all things birthday-like.

1. The Spare Rib

The Spare Rib
Source: The Spare Rib Burlesque Instagram

Location: A range of venues

The name might suggest that a meal is in your cards. Wrong! But feel free to feast your eyes on this night of entertainment in the form of cabaret and burlesque performances. You can go to their shows or hire some entertainers for private parties or performances. They even, for the more daring amongst you, offer classes and workshops on their style of dance.

This piece was dedicated to fun birthday ideas in Liverpool, and I think I’ve been pretty successful in my list. Sure it’s not all night’s out at a bar, and it’s most definitely not a grown-up meal at a grown-up restaurant to show how you’ve matured. But, it is a list of things that are fun, it’s a list if things ideal for a group or sole celebration, and they all happen to be (incidentally, can you imagine?) in Liverpool.

Last Updated on July 3, 2024