With Halloween on a Sunday this year, it’s difficult to pick up on the vibe. Are we celebrating on the day? Are we going to our usual club night in fancy dress? Or are we taking part in every single Halloween party Liverpool has to offer? You might’ve found out this week that you need a last-minute costume for yet another event. However, as we’re reaching the end of the month, your bank balance probably can’t handle this! So, like me, you’ve probably turned to your wardrobe in despair, hoping to find something to blag as a costume. Don’t worry, because we have plenty of easy emergency Halloween costume ideas to sort you out just in time for this weekend

Step 1: search your wardrobe

My main piece of advice when putting a Halloween costume together, is to completely search your wardrobe before spending any money! There’s definitely something long forgotten, buried in a draw that would make the perfect base for a costume. Similarly, you might have remnants of an old costume that could be recycled again this year (seriously, no one will care if you wore it last year).

Step 2: search the charity shops

If absolutely nothing in your wardrobe works for your costume idea, then why not check out Liverpool’s charity shops. Whether you’re in Smithdown or the city centre/campus, you’re never far from a charity shop full of hidden gems. Not only do charity shops often sell Halloween costumes, you may find the perfect item to help achieve an effortless vintage look in your costum. Charity shopping is ideal for Halloween, because it’s a cheap alternative to buying a new costume, while also being environmentally friendly.

Costume ideas

1. Witch

If you own a black dress or all-black outfit then you’re already halfway to achieving witchy-ness! Simply pair this with a witch’s hat and some spooky makeup then you’re sorted. You could perhaps channel your inner-Elphaba and try out green eye makeup inspired by Wicked. If you don’t already have one, you should be able to find a witch’s hat in a supermarket or costume shop.

2. Vampire

Similar to the witch costume, an all-black outfit (or white shirt with black bottoms) will get you well on your way to being a vampire. Depending on how extra you’re feeling, you could buy some fake vampire fangs and a cape from a fancy dress shop. If not, using red makeup to create a trickle of blood from your mouth will show the world you’re a vampire!

3. Ghost

Ah – the classic ghost costume. This is perhaps one for if you’re going to a party rather than hitting the clubs, simply because you’d melt. To make the costume, simply cut eye wholes in the middle of an unfitted bed sheet. While no one will recognise you in group photos, the costume is such an iconic, yet basic Halloween costume, it’s sure to be a hit.

4. Mummy

Dressing up as a Mummy is super easy and cheap, all you need is bandages and fake blood! To achieve the look of a haunted Mummy, simply wrap bandages around your body (not too tight, so that it’s safe). Then, just add a lot of fake blood to take your scariness to the next level.

5. Fairy

If you’re basic like me, then you’ve probably already dressed up as a fairy before. Well, dust off those fairy wings because this is the perfect last minute, yet elegant costume. Pair the wings with a funky coloured dress (or another outfit), as well as a lot of shimmery eyeshadow. For extra ethereal vibes, apply a shimmery lilac to your cheekbones.

6. Bunch of Grapes

This is a really fun costume, but is probably better for a house party than in the club. All you need to do is safety pin a lot of purple or green balloons to your clothes in the shape of a bunch of grapes. You could create a grape-y makeup look using a lot of purple eyeshadow as well as some shimmery purple on the cheeks to give yourself a grape glow!

7. Carrie (or sad prom queen)

Carrie is a classic horror film, inspiring an equally horrifying Halloween costume. To recreate the iconic prom queen covered in blood, just use an old dress that you wouldn’t mind staining with fake blood. Add a tiara, some smudged makeup and a lot of fake blood and you’ll have the scariest costume in the club! Alternatively, you could take some inspiration from Olivia Rodrigo, and channel the sad prom queen look, by skipping the fake blood and sticking with the smudged makeup.

8. Teletubbies

An absolute childhood classic, the Teletubbies will make the perfect group costume for you and three friends. All you need is an outfit that’s completely the colour of your character, and some pipe cleaners! Online, you can find the characteristics of each Teletubby, so why not try and match these up to your friend group’s personalities.

10. A mouse (duh)

Here’s a Mean Girls classic for you, if you really don’t have anything to wear, order some ears with next day delivery and call yourself a mouse! Draw a nose and whiskers on with eyeliner and people won’t be able to tell the difference between you and an actual mouse – you can’t really go wrong.

9. Bratz dolls

With the recent interest in y2k fashion, you probably already own most of the costume for a Bratz doll. Pair this with bold eyes and lips, as well as attempting a funky y2k hairstyle from Pinterest! If the rest of your girl group are struggling for ideas, why not pick one of the dolls each and channel her character for the night?

Hopefully we’ve managed to release some of your stress in finding a costume before the upcoming rush of Halloween events. If you’re still struggling for ideas, check out where to get your fancy dress in Liverpool.