It’s finally September, meaning that students across the country are preparing themselves for the move back to university. But with the current social distancing restrictions, we’ll be experiencing freshers week as it’s never been before – without night clubs! However, Liverpool is full to the brim with bars and pubs all with varying themes and prices. So, we’ve found the 15 best bars in Liverpool that you can explore, whether you’re a fresher who’s new to the city, or a returning student looking for a bit of variation from your tried and tested classics.

1. Modo

Address: 2 Concert Square, Liverpool, L1 4AR

Kicking it off with a Concert Square classic, Modo’s selection of cocktails is bound to be a crowd pleaser on any night out. With a range of gins, ‘bombs’ and even a 2-4-1 “Happy hour” on selected cocktails, their menu can accommodate even your student budget. With such a range, there’s bound to be something there for everyone.

Modo Liverpool

2. The Brookhouse

Address: 467 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AE

If you’re living in Smithdown, it’s unlikely that you’ve not heard of The Brookhouse, or ‘Brookie’ as some call it. Located right in the heart of Smithdown, it’s a hotspot for second and third years. It’s a pub for all occasions; whether you’re celebrating grades, drowning your sorrows, or you’re just a bit thirsty, the Brookhouse will always be there waiting for you with open arms and a pint.

3. The Blue Angel Nightclub (The Raz)

Address: 106-108 Seel Street, Liverpool, L1 4BL

Hear me out on this one… You may already know The Raz for being the messiest night out you could have in Liverpool, and you’d be right. But you can’t deny, the drinks (and their prices) are iconic. And now that they’ve reopened their pub, you can sip away at a green frog without having it thrown all over you – what’s not to love?

The Blue Angel Nightclub (The Raz)
Credit: bird problems

4. The Florist

Address: 24 Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AX

For a slightly classier girls night, strap on your heels and head to The Florist. With neon lights and floral displays to match their selection of botanical food and drinks, The Florist is perfect for an insta-worthy night.

The Florist Liverpool
Credit: The Florist

5. The Slug and Lettuce

Address: The Watson Prickard Building, Liverpool, L2 4SH

The Slug and Lettuce is a classic across the country, and is great for if you’re feeling slightly fancier than just a drink at the local pub. Their brunch menu looks particularly tempting; £28 for your choice from a range of breakfast dishes and ‘bottomless bubbles’!

The Slug and Lettuce  Liverpool

6. Handyman Supermarket

Address: 461 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JL

Previously a hardware shop, the Handyman Supermarket is a trendy brewery located on Smithdown Road. They serve their own brewed beer as well as a range of bottled and craft beers.

7. The Alchemist

Address: 5 Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L2 0UU

A personal favourite, the Alchemist serves mind blowing drinks that seem to defy the laws of science while also being extremely tasty! Whether you like to keep it classic with a Pornstar martini or a funky ‘colour changing one’, The Alchemist will not let you down. It’s on the slightly pricier side, but the majority of cocktails are under £10, and anyway everyone deserves a treat sometimes!

The Alchemist Liverpool
Credit: The Alchemist

8. Press Bros. Coffee, The Baltic Market

Address: 107 Stanhope Street, Liverpool, L8 5RE

Food, fairy lights and cocktails… what’s not to love? The Baltic Market consists of several stalls serving various styles of street food from, which you can pair with an exciting flavour espresso martini from Press Bros. Coffee. From a simple ‘Baileys espresso martini’, to a more outlandish ‘After Eight espresso martini’, their selection is ideal for any coffee lover.

9. The Lime Kiln (Wetherspoons)

Address: Concert Square, Fleet Street, Liverpool, L1 4AN

Located in Concert Square, The Lime Kiln makes for a cheap and cheerful trip, at any time of the day. Whether you want a whole pitcher of Sex on the Beach to yourself, or to look classy with a glass of wine, Spoons has your back. Also, when your drunk appetite kicks in, their 3 small plates for £11 will more than satisfy it.

10. McCooleys

Address: 46-50 Wood Street, Liverpool, L1 4AQ

Another Concert Square bar, you can’t go wrong with a night at McCooleys. Whether you’re there for a baby Guinness, a real Guinness, or just a good boogie to some classic music, McCooleys is the one!

11. The Secret Place

Address: 321a Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 3JA

Just near Smithdown Asda and Aldi, the secret place is nestled in with the other buildings so well, that you might just miss it, hence the name ‘secret place’. Described in neon lights as a ‘Wine bar, Grill and Italian Restaurant’, they host a number of deals, including student night on a Monday and Tuesday, offering deals such as two pizzas for £10!

12. Leaf

Address: 65-67 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4EZ and 364-368 Smithdown Road, Liverpool, L15 5AN

Although originally a café, Leaf has locations on both Bold Street and Smithdown Road. Their chic drink selection covers pretty much every taste. Whether you fancy a ‘bottled leaf tea cocktail’ or a refreshing lager, Leaf’s bohemian environment is an ideal place to unwind with friends.

13. Cosy Club

Address: 37c Paradise Street, Liverpool, L1 3EU

Cosy Club describes itself as like ‘being at a terribly good house party, in a mansion, owned by a somewhat eccentric relative,’ and their cocktail menu reflects this. With names like, ‘Blow a Raspberry at Collin’, and ‘English Garden’, they have these exact vibes! If cocktails aren’t so much your thing they offer a wide range of wines, beers and ciders, catering to every drinker.

14. Revolución de Cuba

Address: Unit 17 Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4AF

For a more sophisticated evening of food and drink, head to Revolución de Cuba at the Albert Docks. Their selection of ‘rum twists’ seem to cover every flavour, varying from a more classic cola flavour, to marmalade! Paired with three tapas dishes for £14 you can achieve the full Cuban experience all from the comfort of the Albert Docks.

15. Turtle Bay

Address: 59-61 Hanover Street, Liverpool, L1 3DY and Produce Exchange, 6A Victoria Street, Liverpool, L2 6QE

You can’t go wrong with Turtle Bay, and their 2-4-1 cocktail selection is definitely worth a trip into the city centre. If you’re one for an elegant girl’s night, then this is for you! Grab your heels and get down to Turtle Bay.

So while this year will be a very different experience to Freshers Weeks gone by, instead of mourning the loss of club nights, grab your friends and hit our 15 best bars in Liverpool.

Last Updated on January 24, 2024